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At the airport: When you arrive at the airport to pick up your hosted child, feel free to bring a sign with his/her name written in their native tongue. Please also pack a small meal or snack or plan to stop for food for your hosted child, as children are often hungry when they arrive to … Read more

Important Information About Orphanage Children

Children who have been living in orphanages or institutionalized care often present issues of concerns which include, but are not limited to the following: Nutritional deficits Delayed growth and development History of physical, emotional, and/ or sexual abuse Speech and language delays* Emotional and behavioral problems Attachment disorders Neglect and/or abandonment trauma Learning disabilities Other undetected or … Read more

Other Cultural Differences

Host families should be prepared to accommodate cultural differences with patience and understanding. Food Frontier Horizon hosted child[ren] come from a myriad of child welfare systems in different regions of the world. Therefore, their diets, preferences and feeding rhythms may vary from your own. However, all Frontier Horizon children are poor, and the children do not eat … Read more

How To Prepare For Your Hosted Child

Frontier Horizon recommends that all host families make sure they are prepared before the host child[ren] arrive. We suggest: Most of the children hosted with Frontier Horizon speak little to no English. Some of the children are highly motivated to learn English and others are not so inclined. Families are encouraged to become adept at … Read more

Frontier Horizon Hosting Program Background Requirements

**Please Note: All Frontier Horizon families new to the program must complete a “Short Visit Report” in addition to their National Criminal Background Check and  National Sex Offender Check. All Frontier Horizon host families who have not submitted a previously completed full home study or Short Visit Report will be required to do the “Short Visit Report” ** Required … Read more

More Information On Hosting And Adoption

Frontier Horizon seeks to provide prospective host families with as much relevant data on the children they seek to host. However, for legal reasons, Frontier Horizon is not authorized to provide personal, medical, or family history information regarding hosted children. We will do our best to provide general information to prepare for hosting and to … Read more

Regulations And Policies

Frontier Horizon must have received the following from all Hosting Families before the start of the host program. Preliminary Application with $150 Application Fee. Full Hosting Program Application. Hosting Program Fee. Verification of domestic travel plans for the host child and host parent to and from international flight hub and the host family home. Signed … Read more

Timeframe and Logistics

The Frontier Horizon Hosting Program occurs twice each year—once in the summer and once in the winter. The summer programs vary in length and range from 4 to 9 weeks.  The winter holiday program runs from mid-December to mid-January and is approximately four weeks in length. Specific dates are established each year in partnership with … Read more

Essential Information For Potential Host Families

Please read this page very carefully—it is the responsibility of the Host Family to understand the following information. Committing to host a specific child Once you commit to hosting a child there is no guarantee that the child you chose will be able to travel. It is rare, but it does happen from time to time that … Read more

Host Family Responsibilities

All host families (and not Frontier Horizon) are responsible for the following: Providing hosted children with all meals. Ensure hosted children are properly clothed and cared for. Note: please see the “How to Prepare for your Hosted Child” section for more information. Paying for any activities in which you choose to participate Paying all direct and indirect fees … Read more

Financial Requirements and Passport Protocol

Hosting Cost  Frontier Horizon’s Hosting Program costs vary by program and range between $2,795 and $3,500 per child plus a $150 Application Fee. There are discounts available for families hosting more than one child. Additional ancilary expenses will be incurred and are delineated below. Please contact us for details Payments Due:  The $150 Application Fee is due … Read more

Hosting Program Handbook Introduction

The Heart and History of Frontier Horizon Eugene Rosini grew up in Brooklyn and remained in his beloved community for all his days. He married his high school sweetheart, June in 1954 and soon thereafter added two children, Vincent, and Joanne to their clan. They were a traditional Italian family that valued hard work, good … Read more