Essential Information For Potential Host Families

Please read this page very carefully—it is the responsibility of the Host Family to understand the following information.

Committing to host a specific child

Once you commit to hosting a child there is no guarantee that the child you chose will be able to travel. It is rare, but it does happen from time to time that a child chosen by a family has become sick or injured and has not been able to travel. There have also been cases when international government officials have changed their mind and refused to allow children from their specific region to travel. There are a host of other reasons that may be presented for restricting the travel of prospective host children. While these situations do not occur often, they are possible and thus in an abundance of caution we want to make you aware of this possibility. Host families should be aware that such situations are out of the control of Frontier Horizon. Our staff will do everything we can to rectify the situation and clear the way for hosting to move forward. Should we be unsuccessful in our efforts to secure initial plans, alternative options will be presented for host families to consider.

Unexpected Life Event

Should a family experience an unfortunate life emergency that prevents them from fulfilling its hosting commitment Frontier Horizon will work with the family to secure alternative plans when possible. However, all fees related to said disrupted hosting session will be leveraged to execute hosting with a backup family. Thus no refunds or reallocation of funds will be provided to the original hosting family.

Frontier Horizon is NOT an adoption agency

Many families that host children with Frontier Horizon are inclined toward adoption. Though Frontier Horizon’s hosting program was not initially conceived as a pathway to adoption it has become that for many. However, hosting with Frontier Horizon in no way guarantees that you will be able to adopt the child you host. Should you pursue adoption with one of our hosted children, Frontier Horizon plays no role in the adoption process. Though the Frontier Horizon staff works hard to present correct, relevant, and helpful information concerning the children’s profiles and availability for adoption, we are not providers of officially verified legal information. What we share is informed by the international child welfare staff with whom we partner. This information is not always entirely accurate. If you hope to adopt after hosting, we recommend you research the adoption process, contact an adoption agency directly, and contact the appropriate international adoption facilitator regarding child data and next steps.
Again: Frontier Horizon is NOT an adoption agency, and Frontier Horizon does not facilitate adoptions.

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