Financial Requirements and Passport Protocol

Hosting Cost 

Frontier Horizon’s Hosting Program costs vary by program and range between $2,795 and $3,500 per child plus a $150 Application Fee. There are discounts available for families hosting more than one child. Additional ancilary expenses will be incurred and are delineated below. Please contact us for details

Payments Due: 

  • The $150 Application Fee is due with your application.
  • The Hosting Program Fee is due by April 15th (Summer Program) or October 15th (Winter Program).

What does the hosting fee cover? 

The Frontier Horizon Hosting Program Fee underwrites the many expenses associated with facilitating international child hosting. These expenses include but are not limited to the cost of passports, emergency medical insurance, visas, in country transportation, airfare, chaperone / translator remuneration and a donation to your hosted child’s orphanage.

Additional expenses NOT covered by hosting fee. 

  • Frontier Horizon registration fee. ($150)
  • Short Home Study Fee. (These vary by region and are completely unassociated with FH)
  • National background check. (Nominal fee)
  • Domestic travel expenses related to picking up and returning your host child to and from the international airport from which they arrive and depart.
    • These international hubs are established each year in accordance to the number of kids hosted and the predominance of where most of the children are being hosted.
  • Medical insurance deductible should a claim be filed. (This can be as low as zero and never higher than a few hundred dollars.)
  • Any cost related to providing basic care for your host child while in your home.

Submitting Program Related Funds

  • All funds submitted to Frontier Horizon are tax deductible philanthropic gifts.
  • All funds submitted to Frontier Horizon are non-refundable.
  • All funds submitted to Frontier Horizon must be done via our secure electronic payment gateway.
  • Funds submitted for the hosting program should be allocated to “Pay Hosting Fees” via the dropdown menu on the Frontier Horizon website Donate page.

What happens to my non-refundable program payments should plans to execute hosting fail?

It is rare but certainly there are times when plans for hosting children fails to materialize for various reasons. In this situations Frontier Horizon is not permitted to offer refunds. However, Frontier Horizon has no interest in retaining the generosity of partners and not delivering the experience they wish to have. Thus the following options are available. If your child is not able to come for hosting as planned:

  • Funds can be transferred to another child in the program
  • Funds can be transferred to another program / country
  • Funds can be deferred to another session. (Example: If summer hosting is not able to be executed funds can be moved to the following winter session.)
  • Funds can be released as a philanthropic gift in support of the kids of FH
  • Refunds are not an option. 

Can I fundraise to off-set my costs? 

Yes. If families are interested in hosting and do not feel that they can afford the hosting program fee, we encourage families to seek donations for hosting from friends, families, churches, or businesses. However, Frontier Horizon cannot administrate ones crowdfunding efforts. Thus, such families are encouraged to leverage sites such as GoFundMe that are particularly well positioned to facilitate such efforts. Once the funding campaign is complete the host family can submit all funds raised in one transaction via the Frontier Horizon payment gateway. All such payments should be allocated to “Pay Hosting Fees,” and are subject to program deadlines such as all other program payments.

Passport Policy 

Frontier Horizon will not hand the children’s passports over to host families, because the children do not need passports for domestic travel. If you feel that you need some type of identification beyond the insurance document, Frontier Horizon will provide a photocopy of the first page of the child’s passport and email it to you. Please contact Frontier Horizon staff to request this.

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