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Frontier Horizon is a humanitarian aid organization established to meet the immediate
and long-term needs of orphans and destitute people around the world.

Every year we bring orphans to the United States and Canada. Through our child hosting program, children are matched with host families and get to experience what life is like in a loving and caring home for a few weeks in the summer or over a holiday break. The host family commits to a child, sibling group or multiple children for the program. The children live in your home, share your life, enjoy day trips and shopping; they experience our food, language, and culture through you and your family. Many children have not experienced a loving home or caring family, their daily life is contained in the orphanage. Frontier Horizon primarily works with orphanages in Ukraine, Nicaragua, and Kyrgyzstan.

Summer 2020 Hosting Program Dates:

Hosting a child is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have when helping others around the world.  Frontier Horizon is proud to serve the orphanages abroad and our loving host families who open their hearts and homes.

Hosting Term(s)

Late July to late August

Cost: $2900

Please contact us by June 15th if you are interested: 757-749-3921

Deadline: June 30th

We are making a difference. You can join us for another year of helping the children of Ukraine and Nicaragua. Host a child, take a trip, fund a project or simply volunteer your time. We look forward to meeting you!

We are making a difference!

You can join us for another year of helping the children of Ukraine and Nicaragua. Host a child, take a trip, fund a project or simply volunteer your time. We look forward to meeting you!


Check out what our happy customers have to say about their hosting and adoption experiences.
They have had their lives changed… as well as changing a child’s life… for the better.

Hosting Madina was one of the best decisions we have ever made. We thought we would be changing her life, and maybe we did--but she unexpectedly changed ours. The joy and fulfillment between our fa… —read more

Megan & Anthony L.

Hosting is something we had wanted to do for years and years. We always talked about it as a family but then let our own personal busy schedules take over and we always pushed it off. This summer… —read more

Kathy D.

My husband and I are very grateful to Frontier Horizon for giving us the opportunity to host such a wonderful little girl from the Ukraine. Although we were initially apprehensive since we have nev… —read more

Gina P.


When you make a tax-deductible donation to Frontier Horizon, all of the money goes towards improving the quality of life for orphans in Ukraine and in Nicaragua.

Since 2003, Frontier Horizon has faithfully initiated, funded and managed many projects that aid in the lives children of Ukraine and Nicaragua.

Coronavirus Update


Dear Host Families,


There is still no decision regarding summer hosting. None of the countries have canceled, so we will keep our programs on hold until we know something definite. If possible, we will have an August program for all three countries. If August is ruled out, Colombia will allow a September program, but there is no guarantee that it will happen either. If there are no summer programs, we will have a winter hosting program as usual (tentative dates December 15-January 15). Also, we will offer mission trips for host families to travel to Ukraine, Colombia, or Nicaragua in late August or early Fall.


Dr. Vincent Rosini

President, Frontier Horizon
P.O Box 4429
Virginia Beach, VA 23454