About Us

The Heart and History of Frontier Horizon

A Strong Foundation

Eugene Rosini grew up in Brooklyn and remained in his beloved community for all his days. He married his high school sweetheart, June in 1954 and soon thereafter added two children, Vincent, and Joanne to their clan. They were a traditional Italian family that valued hard work, good food, enthusiastic debate, and family. At the age of 25, Eugene joined the NYPD and spent his entire professional life serving his community in this capacity. Vincent, who would go on to secure his PhD, and found Frontier Horizon in 2001, recalls his childhood with great fondness and a bit of hilarity. “I love you” may have never been uttered in his family home, but its qualities were demonstrated in a thousand ways throughout Vincent’s formative years. Dr. Rosini loves to tell the story of the day he said to his father, “Dad, you have never told me that you love me, but I know that you love me so much that you would take a bullet for me.” With a bit of a chuckle Dr. Rosini continues, “my dad looked at me and said, you’re a smart kid, and walked away.” Dr. Rosini, affectionately known by his friends as Vinny, never drifted far from the axiom, embodied by his father, that actions speak louder than words.

A Life of Service

As a typical young adult in the late 60’s and early 70’s Vinny was not immune from the many indulgences of the era. Eager to make new friends, see the world, and serve his country, he enlisted in the Marines. He served honorably until his discharge in 1977. Vinny’s life was deeply impacted by the people and experiences he had while serving as a Marine. It was during this time that his faith became his own and began to compel him to live his life for something more than his own personal gain. In 1991 he would go on mission trip to Nicaragua that would shape his life and work in profound ways. What he witnessed among the impoverished people he visited was hard to imagine and impossible to forget. Many more trips would follow, leading to a lifetime of service focused on bridging the gap between the poor and those in a position to help.

1991 The journey begins…
… and continues to present day!

An excerpt from a recent interview captures Dr. Rosini’s compulsion to serve:

“In spite of the amount of time spent there, I still cannot get used to the level of poverty in which these children live.  Malnutrition, rats nibbling at their feet while they sleep, filthy, unsanitary bathrooms, and a life of sheer boredom without finances to incorporate social activities – these are all unfortunate realities of the kids’ lives today.  I think of children in America with healthy lives and loving families and the constant reality that children down there have neither.  Yet, for me, these kids are not statistics. When I look into the eyes of ten-year-old Rebecca and she looks back at me with her bright beautiful smile, I am convinced I could not love her anymore if she was my own child. I often think of eleven-year-old Andre in Ukraine whose mother committed suicide and father abandoned him in the orphanage and wish there was a way to take away his pain and loneliness… I am often overwhelmed by my inability to meet so much need, like my work was only applying a ‘Band-Aid to a bullet hole’. I’ve got my finger in the dike of a world of suffering and dying and I don’t know what to do about it. I’m often simply overwhelmed by needs of these children, but I’ve got to do something. Frontier Horizon was created with this goal in mind. Alleviating some of this suffering is the hope and the dream behind Frontier Horizon”.

Our Team

Founder and president

Dr. Vincent Rosini

Dr. Rosini’s first visit to a third world country was to Nicaragua in the summer of 1991. Soon after, he became the Missions Director of Spring Branch Community Church and began leading short-term teams to Nicaragua and Ukraine.

According to Dr. Rosini “The first-hand contact with the children and orphanage staff I met changed the trajectory of my life and work. The suffering that some endure defies description. At times I can become overwhelmed by the needs of the global poor. I began Frontier Horizon in 2001 to expand my capacity to serve vulnerable populations. Frontier Horizon’s mission is to bridge the gap between vulnerable people and those in a position to help. Through our hosting program we make it possible for disadvantage children to come to the US and Canada. These experiences open a world of opportunity for the kids we serve. Our International Impact Trips have proven to be deeply transformative. These close encounters with impoverished and vulnerable children reorient the mindset of North Americans towards the needs of the poor. We supply food, clothing, medical care, and educational support for those in need. Alleviating some of the suffering endured by the poor is the hope and dream behind Frontier Horizon.”

Frontier Horizon is founded on the basic Judeo-Christian tenets of love and compassion. We take seriously the apostle Paul’s admonishment that the only thing that really matters is “faith expressing itself through love” (Galatians 5:6). Our paramount goal is to imitate Christ’s unconditional love towards others and show how actions speak louder than words ever could.

International Representative

Aby Morales

I am a proud Nicaraguan, and the older sister of 3 siblings. We live with our mom in Managua where the weather is super-hot. We enjoy spending time together. Family is very important to us. We grew up in a very poor community, the same community that some of the kids of the Frontier Horizon program live. My parents were pastors of the church that Frontier Horizon works with. Life has certainly had its challenges but God has been good. Through it all my siblings and I have grown to be responsible adults who work hard to support our family. We are also deeply committed to generosity, giving of what we have to those around us that are in such desperate need. Today, my family and I have the privilege of using the opportunities that God has afforded us through Frontier Horizon to serve others in our community.

Life has taught me to be grateful. I strive each day to be an agent of kindness, generosity, and compassion. I feel blessed each day to be part of Frontier Horizon´s team. I know that I am making a difference in the country that I love so much. People have invested in me and now I get to invest in others. I truly believe that I am part of God’s plan to be an agent of change.

What I like about working at Frontier Horizon

What I like the most is the teamwork. The team values my opinion, and as the youngest team member, they have been faithful to guide me in my journey to realize my full potential. Dr. Rosini believed in me when I was just 17 years old. He motivated me to learn English, of which I am now fluent. Today I am a vital part of Frontier Horizon efforts to serve vulnerable children in Nicaragua.


Susan Shukstor

Hi, I’m Sue and I recently retired from the State of Tennessee, Dept of Revenue, as a Tax Auditor Supervisor. I’m fortunate enough to be involved in my true passion…helping with orphan hosting. Being able to work with the amazing team at Frontier Horizon is truly an honor, and I hope to be of great service to everyone in the program.

I’m a single mom of 4 adult sons, and I have 3 beautiful grandchildren under the age of 5. I spend half of my time in New York with the youngest, and the other half in Chicago with the two older grandkids. I have also hosted over 24 Ukrainian orphans every summer and winter since 2012…some more than once. I was fortunate to host a beautiful young girl from Colombia in 2011. I have also been fortunate to foster over 30 amazing children in my Illinois home over the last few years. Most of them were teenagers…my absolute favorite. Teenagers are amazing! Outside of my family and friends, my personal interests revolve around travel, adventure, sports and animals.


Michael Brady

Michael has over 30 years’ experience in finance, having co-founded a number of investment funds and investment advisory firms. In 2008, he founded Generosity Wealth Management in Boulder, Colorado, helping individuals be generous with themselves, their families, and their communities.

Michael was adopted as an infant, as were his older brother and sister. After many years of service on various charity boards, he decided to seek out an organization focused on serving vulnerable children. His desire was to apply his passion, experience, and talents to help orphans realize the beauty of a loving home. Through a friend and fellow board member, he found Frontier Horizon. Joining the Board of Frontier Horizon has provided an amazing opportunity to leverage his strengths for a cause he deeply believes in and he has loved every minute of partnering with the Frontier Horizon team.

Jon Cline

Jon Cline is a foster kid turned company founder. Working in IT since 1998, he’s launched startups and consults with business owners. More than a Salesforce consultant, Jon builds teams and inspires people to take control of their careers. He’s uniquely curious, asking questions and eager to share what he’s learned.

The challenges that Jon experienced while in the foster care system, were difficult to be sure. However, as Jon grew into adulthood, he realized that those trials uniquely prepared him for the challenges life invariably brings. With a deep desire to help kids turn prior pain into future gain, He established the Founders Kids Foundation, which seeks to build resilience, creativity, and entrepreneurial thinking within the at-risk child population. The missional alignment between the work of his foundation and that of Frontier Horizon is obvious and over time lead to various points of collaboration. Jon is excited to support Frontier Horizon’s decades-long track record of selfless commitment to orphans. He sees an opportunity to leverage technology to enable deeper connections between kids, hosts, and prospective adoptive parents.

Maggie Pascal

Maggie Pascal, a veteran media personality and the insightful host of “The Maggie Pascal Show,” brings over ten years of experience in storytelling and production as the owner of Turning The Tide Productions, LLC. Her expertise in the media is matched by her commitment to philanthropy as the Vice President of “The Pascal Foundation,” where she advances educational and community initiatives with vigor and vision.

Family and faith have always been Maggie’s guiding forces. As a dedicated mother and grandmother, she cherishes her role within her family. Maggie’s academic pursuits in religious studies at Biola University and L’Abri Fellowship in England have profoundly shaped her worldview. It was at Biola University where she met Vincent Rosini, the founder of Frontier Horizon, forging a partnership built on shared values and a mission to make a difference that has lasted 42 years and counting.

Brian Sachs

Brian Sachs is an entrepreneur, drummer, Alaskan Explorer, but above all he is a proud father of a child who was hosted through Frontier Horizon. Brian built an electric payments business, along with a Hipaa compliance software company, that is now the largest compliance software in America and his payments business processes over one billion dollars annually.

Searching for the greatest fulfillment in life he and his wife Melissa hosted a child for the Frontier Horizons summer hosting program. With no children of their own, they adopted Benjamin Sachs and everything in their lives transformed. Learning how to attune to Ben and his specific emotional needs brought them a richness they could not have imagined. Brian joined the Board of Advisors of Frontier Horizon in 2020 and now dedicates his resources and efforts to helping innocent and vulnerable children receive the immeasurable gift they were able to give Ben — a good life and an adoring family.

Margaret Selzer

Margaret is the female founder of R&L Design Co., a thriving interior design firm headquartered in Colorado, working on hospitality and residential projects across the western half of the United States.  Her industry expertise can be seen in some of Colorado’s most significant residential developments with the industry’s most prominent architects and real estate developers.

She discovered her love for travel and cultural exchange while sailing the globe with Semester at Sea. Her experiences not only ignited her curiosity about people from diverse backgrounds but also solidified her commitment to fostering meaningful connections, especially with children.  With Frontier Horizon, Margaret has visited Ossa, Poland and has witnessed firsthand the profound and loving impact the organization offers to the children.  She is excited to channel her passion for business into an organization that shares her values and to contribute to a team that prioritizes making a positive impact to children around the world.

Melanie Traughber

Melanie Traughber, DSc, holds her doctorate in Biomedical Engineering and currently leads the Clinical Science team at Hyperfine Operations, Inc. She is passionate about democratizing healthcare and bringing MRI access to under-resourced regions of the world. She lives in Chatfield, Minnesota with her husband, 9 year-old son and three rescue dogs. Her family has hosted multiple Ukrainian orphans and she is honored to serve on the Frontier Horizon Board to further the mission of helping vulnerable children.