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About Us

Frontier Horizon seeks to improve the health, education, and general welfare of orphaned children in Ukraine and Nicaragua. Frontier Horizon’s goal is to improve living conditions; better people’s nutrition; and, create a healthy economic, environmental, and spiritual balance that will benefit the community as a whole through agricultural development and small-business self-sufficiency projects.

Humanitarian aid for orphans in Ukraine and the underprivileged children in Nicaragua

Although concerned with all types of poverty, Frontier Horizon is principally oriented toward children in orphanages and schools. It is our belief that by reducing the effects of poverty at a young age, improving environments and educating young people, we can increase the chances of economic and social success later in life. We strive to provide children with viable opportunities as opposed to an otherwise austere outlook. In the years that we have formed valuable relationships with orphanages around the world, the profound ambition of so many children and young adults has become evident. These children have simply have not been afforded the proper opportunities. We seek to change this seemingly interminable cycle. Presently, Frontier Horizon serves several Nicaraguan orphanages located in and around the capital city of Managua and its surrounding areas, as well as other multiple orphanages in the cities of Odessa, Mariupol, Gorodnya, and Lviv, Ukraine.

Food and Agriculture

We have made improvements in the areas of food and nutrition in both Nicaragua and the Ukraine. We have provided for Organic farmlands (link) and built greenhouses to provide food, nutrition and a small income for the orphanage.


The orphanage children have two pairs of underwear to call their own. They wear one during the day, wash it in the sink and wear their night underwear and repeat the process in the morning. All other clothing is shared; they don’t “own” anything. They share shirts, jeans, shorts, socks and shoes. The seasons are harsh. We provide clothing to the orphanage for the care of the children.

Shelter for the Poor

Many of the buildings in the Ukraine were constructed in the 1950’s. Much of the shelter in Nicaragua is just fabric, twigs, wood and discarded trash. Repairs and maintenance are essential for the health and welfare of the children.

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Dr. Vincent Rosini, President

Maggie Scobie, Hosting Program Coordinator

Tom Sasser, Executive Director

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