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Frontier Horizon exists to bridge the gap between a vulnerable child and your sincere desire to help. Our international child hosting programs facilitate a means for achieving this goal. Every year we bring orphans (social and biological) to the United States and Canada. Through our programs, children are matched with host families and get to experience what life is like in a loving and caring home for 4 to 9 weeks in the summer or over the winter holiday break. This formative experience opens a world of opportunities for all involved. The deep and empowering relationships established in these experiences are as unique as the children and families that engage them. Hosting an international orphan initiates an opportunity for a lifetime of love and commitment.

The process is straight forward and is clearly delineated in the Hosting Steps List document that can be access here or via the “Resources” page on the Frontier Horizon website.  

To view the children being championed by Frontier Horizon you must register and create a user profile. This step is simple and will only take you a minute to complete. This step helps us ensure quality engagements and the safety of the children we serve. You can create your user profile by clicking the “Register to View Kids” button that appears on any page of the Frontier Horizon website.

Having completed all the necessary steps to qualify for hosting the child/children, the children are then hosted in your home for the duration of the program. Families need not construct extravagant experience for the children being hosted, rather simply be yourself, do what you do and share it with them. If you go to the lake for a week in the summer, then they get to experience that with you. If you like sports, they get to engage them with you. If movie nights and BBQ is your thing, great, they will love it. The goal is simply to create a safe and loving environment where trust can grow, and relationship thrive.

At the close of the hosting session all kids are returned to the international airport for the journey back home. However, this in no way needs to be the end of the relationship and most often is not. As previously mentioned, the creative ways in which families go on to love and support their hosted children is as unique as the kids and families that engage the experience. Where possible many go on to pursue adoption. Others create surrogate families of sorts that establish deeply meaningful and empowering relationships that last for years. Succinctly stated, hosting is the beginning of your compassionate journey not the end.

Below are some definitions of terms that will be helpful for your engagement with the Frontier Horizon website and programs:

  • AVAILABLE: Children designated as “Available” are available for hosting with Frontier Horizon. All the children profiled in the Colombian program profiles and many of the children in the Ukrainian program are also available for adoption. However, each situation is unique and should be considered with a Frontier Horizon representative. 
  • HOSTED: Children designated as “HOSTED” have a family committed to hosting them in the coming session and are therefore not available for hosting consideration. 
  • HOST ONLY: The children profiled in Frontier Horizon’s Nicaragua program are “Host Only,” meaning they are not available for adoption. The reason for this is explicated in the introduction of the Nicaraguan program page. This program provides amazing opportunities for the children and families that engage it. We encourage you to visit the page to learn more about this unique program. 
  • CHILDREN WITH GUARDIANS: Children in the Frontier Horizon Ukrainian program designated as “Children with guardians,” live with an extended family member or qualified caregiver. The guardian system in Ukraine is very similar to the foster care system in the US and Canada. Successfully adopting a child living in a guardian home is extremely rare for a multiplicity of reasons. Details regarding this challenge can be discussed with a Frontier Horizon representative. 
  • SPECIAL NEEDS: Children noted with a “special needs” allocation have demonstrated or been diagnosed with physical and/or developmental challenges. 

Frontier Horizon has been facilitating the hosting of international orphans for decades and we are delighted to serve you in any way we can. The journey will not be easy, but it will be worth every challenge you might face. We are here to serve as your guide and will support you in the journey in any way we can. Thank you for your consideration of partnering with Frontier Horizon, we are grateful!