Child and Family Matching Process

Child and Family Matching Considerations Facilitating a “match” for a prospective host child and hosting family that ensures the best outcomes for all involved is a complex process. The history, needs, restrictions and preferences of both the hosting family and the perspective host child is carefully considered by all involved in the matching process. The … Read more

IMPORTANT Handbook Content Advisement

Handbook Contents The contents of this handbook are current and accurate. However, the nature of international child hosting is dynamic and significantly tied to international governments and agencies of whom Frontier Horizon has no control. Because of this dependent relationship we ask that all who engage Frontier Horizon understand that new and changing standards, requirements … Read more

In closing

Frontier Horizon exist to bridge the gap between vulnerable children and those in a position to help. We accomplish this mission by bringing orphans home. For many of our partners this means that a child from a far away place comes to live in their home in the US or Canada for a season. For others … Read more

Frontier Horizon’s Crash Course In Russian

Hi!—Privyet! How are you?— Kak dela? What is your name?— Kak tebya zavut? My name is… — Menya zovut … How old are you? —Skolka tebya let? Please / You’re welcome— Pozhalsta Thank you—Spasibo Very good– Ochen horosho Good bye– Poka (familiar), Do svidanya ( formal) Do you want to eat?—Ti hochesh kooshat? Go to sleep. —Idi spat. What do you want to do today?— Shto … Read more

After The Hosting Program

Frontier Horizon is committed to doing everything it can to ensure that every family and child that engages its programs have an excellent experience. Serving well is a top priority for Frontier Horizon. Part of realizing this commitment to excellence is clear, honest and consistent feedback. We want to hear about your experience. What went … Read more

Communicating With Frontier Horizon Staff

Cell Phones  Frontier Horizon strongly recommends that all host families carry cell phones with them at all times. Particularly during the time associated with picking up and dropping off your hosted children at the international airport. Please also always have a way to be contacted during outings with hosted children. It is of paramount importance for … Read more

Helping Frontier Horizon

In addition to hosting children there are several ways to help Frontier Horizon and our future host families! Become a “Say Yes” Frontier Horizon monthly partner. Your monthly support of $24 is a HUGE part of ensuring that Frontier Horizon can continue to say, “YES” to every child that ask to be hosted. Easily done here: … Read more

Scholarship Opportunities

Frontier Horizon is committed to making international child hosting as accessible as possible for all families. To that end the Frontier Horizon team diligently engages individuals, foundations and agencies to secure resources to be leverage for families that need financial assistance regarding their efforts to engage the hosting program. Scholarship funds are not always available … Read more

Resources For Host Families And Potentially Adoptive Families

Restaurants: To host families interested in experiencing a taste of their hosted child’s culture, we highly recommend you look up international markets or restaurants in your community that specialize in the traditional cuisine that your hosted children are accustom to. We recommend families visit these businesses, talk to the staff, and taste their food.  Hosted children … Read more

International Guardians

Each of the countries that Frontier Horizon partners with requires that guardians travel with the children being hosted and that these caregivers remain in the US or Canada during the duration of the hosting program. Each countries requirements are unique and abiding by the requirements of each government system is a high priority for Frontier … Read more

Frontier Horizon Translators

Many families experience significant anxiety regarding the idea of trying to communicate with a child whose first or only language is not one that they share. As a result, Frontier Horizon hires translators to travel with the children and to help families communicate throughout the duration of the Hosting Program. Frontier Horizon also provides over-the-phone … Read more

Frontier Horizon Conflict Resolution Plan

If you are having trouble with your hosted child and need assistance, we are here to support you. Decades of experience has taught us that our international translators are often the most effective means of mitigating challenges with hosted children. Therefore, if you are presented with a challenge that requires intervention we ask that host … Read more