After The Hosting Program

Frontier Horizon is committed to doing everything it can to ensure that every family and child that engages its programs have an excellent experience. Serving well is a top priority for Frontier Horizon. Part of realizing this commitment to excellence is clear, honest and consistent feedback. We want to hear about your experience. What went well? What was a challenge? How can we improve? What might you advise other families to consider when investigating hosting? Every data point you provide to Frontier Horizon has the potential to make the experience of the next family and/or child better. Your feedback is a very significant way to partner with our mission of bridging the gap between a vulnerable child and those in a position to help. To that end we ask that you consider the following

Keep a journal noting the following. (suggested)

  • Daily experience, feelings and thoughts regarding your hosting experience.
  • Experiences, thoughts and feelings had by your children or other family members in your home.
  • Things you found to be challenging about your experience of hosting – pre / mid / and post hosting.
  • Things your host child shared with you or experiences they had that they found particularly meaningful.
  • How your experience of hosting has impacted you, changed you, or informed you with regard to your personal engagement with the global orphan crisis.

Complete and submit a Hosting Summary Review Packet. (REQUIRED)

Hosting an international orphan is a significant commitment of time, resources and emotional energy. Many who come upon the opportunity of international child hosting face significant anxiety about all that is unknown in such a journey. Your story is the best antidote to such anxiety. Furthermore, your story is the most effective way to garner the engagement and support of future families. Your story may be the very things that inspires another family to engage their own journey of compassion that changes the life of a vulnerable child forever. Your story is the fruit of our collective labor and the primary means of inspiring others to action. With all of this in mind Frontier Horizon requires that all families complete and submit a Hosting Summary Review Packet. This packet will be provided for you and includes the following.

  • A written summary of your hosting experience.
  • A dozen or more photos that visually chronicle your hosting experience. (The more the better!)
  • Completion of the Frontier Horizon Post Hosting Survey.
  • Attendance to a post hosting reflections & feedback zoom meeting. (Optional)

Collecting the above mentioned assets is vitally important to our mission. We kindly ask that you PLEASE not make us have to repeatedly ask for your cooperation with regard to these relatively simple request.

Recognizing the Generosity of Those Who Serve

It is very common for individuals of influence and resource to volunteer their services and assets for the enrichment of hosted children. Should you be fortunate to experience such generosity in your hosting experience we ask that you please remember to record any in-kind medical (or other) donations that your child receives. Frontier Horizon would like to appropriately acknowledge such generosity and provide available tax deductible receipting where appropriate and desired. Providing the name, contact information, and a description of the gifts and/or services provided will enable us to honor these generous investments.

The staff at Frontier Horizon thanks you for your help regarding these matters.

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