Helping Frontier Horizon

In addition to hosting children there are several ways to help Frontier Horizon and our future host families!

  • Become a “Say Yes” Frontier Horizon monthly partner. Your monthly support of $24 is a HUGE part of ensuring that Frontier Horizon can continue to say, “YES” to every child that ask to be hosted. Easily done here:
  • Volunteer to translate! Contact the Frontier Horizon staff to discuss opportunities.(For fluent speakers of Russian, Ukrainian, or Spanish)
  • Send us your recommended resources for translation (Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish).
  • Make a donation to the Frontier Horizon Hosting Scholarship Fund. Easily done here:
  • Recommend websites or digital resources on the history and culture host countries.
  • Recommend restaurants and recipes from the cultures of the hosted children.
  • Follow and share Frontier Horizon Social media pages and posts. This is HUGE!
  • Connect us with medical professionals who may be willing to donate services to hosted children.
  • Share photos, videos, and stories from your hosting experience with us for use on our website, social media and newsletter.
  • Ask us about hands-on volunteer opportunities available in your region.
  • Connect the Frontier Horizon staff with your church, club, friends and community regarding opportunities to present the benefits associated with Frontier Horizon programs.
  • Organize events in your area for nearby host families (potlucks, field trips, movie nights, etc).
  • Become a Host Program Partner! These volunteers provide friendship to hosted children and support to host families. We prefer these volunteers to be former host families or adoptive families.
  • Become a Back-up Host Family! These volunteers are called when Frontier Horizon host families decide that a child must be removed from their home and relocated to another family. These families do not have to pay the hosting program fees, but they are responsible for the food, clothing, and activities of hosted children. All “back-up families” are also responsible for having current documentation necessary for hosting children in their home such as a home study and background checks.

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