International Guardians

Each of the countries that Frontier Horizon partners with requires that guardians travel with the children being hosted and that these caregivers remain in the US or Canada during the duration of the hosting program. Each countries requirements are unique and abiding by the requirements of each government system is a high priority for Frontier Horizon. Below you will find a few important notes.

For those engaging the Colombian hosting program please note. Every family hosting a Colombian child will be required to host a Colombian guardian in your home for a minimum of 3 days during the hosting period. This requirement is not negotiable and a function of the Colombian government child safety protocol.

For those engaging the Nicaraguan or Ukrainian program. Guardians and translators travel with the children during their commute to the international flight hub in the US or Canada. These helpful international partners are available to support your hosting experience but are not required to be hosted by you at any point during the program. 

Frontier Horizon is grateful for the service of our international guardians and translators. Providing for the food and lodging of these valued partners is a part of hosting program. Frequently guardian / translators stay with the children and host families and are generally a wonderful bonus for the families that host them. It is also acceptable to find a place for them with neighbors or nearby friends. Please let us know if you or a family friend can host a guardian. The guardians will periodically check in on the children in their group, wherever they are hosted.

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