In closing

Frontier Horizon exist to bridge the gap between vulnerable children and those in a position to help. We accomplish this mission by bringing orphans home. For many of our partners this means that a child from a far away place comes to live in their home in the US or Canada for a season. For others it means engaging our efforts to bring “home” to children in the countries in which they live via our International Impact Trips. In every case our goal is clear. We seek to chart a path to a safe, healthy and fruitful future for vulnerable and disadvantaged children. All of this is made possible by the generous and gracious engagement of you our partners and host families. We are profoundly grateful for the opportunity to partner with you.

The genesis of Frontier Horizon reaches back more than three decades. From the days of that first trip to Nicaragua that forever changed the life of Frontier Horizon Founder, Dr. Vincent Rosini, to this present moment we have remained convinced that compassionate action transforms lives. We are persuaded that those who experience the beauty and struggle of the poor firsthand will be compelled to help. Our work is focused on creating these visceral encounters. The work of compassion is messy and it comes with no guarantees. Empowering the poor, in all its forms, is complicado, to quote one of our Nicaraguan partners. Those who choose to engage the work of compassion will experience the very best of humanity. They are also likely to experience the weight of heartache and the ever present compulsion to “do more.” To be sure, everyone who engages the plight of international orphans will be forever changed. We are eager to take this journey with you and to serve as your guide along the way.

Thank you for your engagement!

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