IMPORTANT Handbook Content Advisement

Handbook Contents

The contents of this handbook are current and accurate. However, the nature of international child hosting is dynamic and significantly tied to international governments and agencies of whom Frontier Horizon has no control. Because of this dependent relationship we ask that all who engage Frontier Horizon understand that new and changing standards, requirements and protocol can come into play at any given time. Most often, if changes are required they are minor, but may necessitate some adaptation by Frontier Horizon and its host families. Frontier Horizon will inform all families committed to hosting of these changes should they arise.

Specific Details

The contents of this handbook are intended to be informative but they are not exhaustive. Furthermore, you may have specific questions that are not address in this manual. The Frontier Horizon Handbook is meant to be a helpful resource that answers many common questions and elevates other questions specific to your situation. All is focused on facilitating an effective and efficient individual conversation with your Frontier Horizon staff member who will guide you through the process of executing a very satisfying hosting experience.

Your responsibility

Engaging International child hosting is a complex process that entails many steps, requirements and provisions. This handbook has been created to ensure that all prospective host families are well informed and well positioned to fulfill all that is required for securing their hosting experience. Carefully reading ALL CONTENT within the Frontier Horizon Handbook is critical. Failure to meet all necessary child hosting steps may lead to the forfeiture of hosting approval and all related financial investment. Pleading ignorance regarding the material clearly stated within this handbook and/or other related official documents will not dismiss personal responsibility for fulfilling all hosting requirements and commitments.

Frontier Horizon’s Commitment

We are here to serve you. We are committed to doing everything we can to ensure your hosting experience is a great one. Please do not hesitate to reach out to the Frontier Horizon staff if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you!

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