Timeframe and Logistics

The Frontier Horizon Hosting Program occurs twice each year—once in the summer and once in the winter. The summer programs vary in length and range from 4 to 9 weeks.  The winter holiday program runs from mid-December to mid-January and is approximately four weeks in length. Specific dates are established each year in partnership with the countries with which we work and are influenced by air travel economics. Specific program dates and travel logistics details will be provided to all prospective host families as soon as they are available.

The logistics of executing international orphan hosting is complex and very time intensive. Frontier Horizon is dependent upon may international agencies to execute much of the paperwork involved with bringing a host child to the US or Canada. These international systems are not always consistent in their process and can at times be difficult to navigate. Much of this is beyond our ability to control. For example: Because the children who travel from Ukraine are all orphans, their paperwork must be processed through the Ukrainian government on the local and national levels before it can be presented to the United States Embassy. As a result, Frontier Horizon will not be able to provide you with exact travel dates very far in advance. Because we are dependent upon the Ukrainian government, the United States Embassy as well as the availability of the airlines, we do ask for your patience, understanding, and flexibility as we organize the exact dates of each program. Please rest assured that we will provide you with accurate and up-to-date information about the program dates and times as soon as they are available. Though we are sensitive to the dynamics of every families calendar we are not able to accommodate specific requests regarding the scheduling of hosting travel and sessions. Hosting dates are set as a unit and special provisions are not able to be accommodated.

Note: We ask all host families to seriously consider their personal and work commitments prior to committing to hosting children. The value of the hosting program is the time spent with the children. It is the responsibility of all host families to recognize the time frame of the Hosting Program and to reorder their schedules as appropriate to ensure a great experience for the children. Frontier Horizon does not permit babysitters or child care programs for Hosting Program children that have not been approved. All care givers other than host families must be screened and approved by Frontier Horizon staff. Please contact us if you need more information about this.

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