Regulations And Policies

Frontier Horizon must have received the following from all Hosting Families before the start of the host program.

  • Preliminary Application with $150 Application Fee.
  • Full Hosting Program Application.
  • Hosting Program Fee.
  • Verification of domestic travel plans for the host child and host parent to and from international flight hub and the host family home.
  • Signed Host Family Agreement Form.
  • Signed Background History Affidavit.
  • Completed National Sex Offender Check for all persons 18 and over in your home.
  • Completed Criminal Background Check for all persons 18 and over in your home.
All New Frontier Horizon Host Families must additionally submit:
  • Full Home Study OR Short Visit Report.
  • Authorization of Release and Exchange of Information (when required by host country).
  • Copy of agency or LCSW license with Home Study/Short Visit Report

Regulations and Crucial Information: 

  • UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE YOU PERMITTED TO KEEP YOUR HOSTED CHILD PAST THE END DATE OF THE HOSTING PROGRAM. Frontier Horizon CANNOT allow families to host or keep children past our hosting program dates. Doing so is ILLEGAL and could jeopardize our good standing with the international governments, the United States Embassy, and the orphanage staff with whom we work. Your child must be at the airport at the designated departure time and date or legal action will be taken.
  • Hosting children: Families are not permitted to host more than four (4) children in their home per program. Please contact Frontier Horizon staff if you have questions about this.
  • Guardians: International child welfare systems require guardians, and translators to accompany children traveling internationally. We are always looking for guardian housing. Please let us know if you are willing to host a guardian or translator.
  • Arrival and Departure: Host Families are responsible for picking up and dropping off their hosted children at the designated airport on time. If your hosted child is late to be dropped off at the airport for their return flight, the Host Family will be responsible for covering all incurred costs. The costs may include but are not limited to the change-of-ticket fee for the child[ren] and guardian, purchasing  new airline ticket[s], and any necessary hotel fees for child[ren] and guardian.
  • Flights: Children will fly into designated international flight hubs in the US and Canada. These hubs are determined each year by the volume of children hosted and the predominance of where they are being hosted. Frontier Horizon must work in conjunction with the international governments as well as the U.S. Embassy and various international and U.S. airlines prior to purchasing the airline tickets. Therefore, Frontier Horizon cannot guarantee that your hosted child will fly into an airport near your house. When you agree to host a child, you are agreeing to take responsibility for their arrival and departure—regardless of whether they will fly into an airport nearest you.
  • Host Families / Children Connecting Travel: Host families are financially responsible for connecting flights and/or other forms of transportation needed for retrieving and returning children to the international flight hubs from which they arrive and return home. While Frontier Horizon’s hosting fee covers international travel, any travel after the arrival at the designated international flight hub is the responsibility of the hosts.
  • Responsibility: It is the responsibility of host families to serve as the guardians of the children at all times. Hosted children may not spend the night at other people’s homes without their approved hosts or guardians. Frontier Horizon must abide by strict rules that prohibit anyone from hosting or watching the children who have not been approved through our program. If you have a friend or family member who you would like to have approved to help you host your child, please contact Frontier Horizon staff.
  • Insurance: Frontier Horizon insures all Hosting Program children, guardians, and translators.
    • Disclaimer: Please note this insurance is for medical emergencies only and cannot be used for general care clinics, hospital visits or physicals. Families may choose to take their children for a check-up at their own expense; many doctors or dentists are aware of our program and offer discounts and deals or will otherwise consider serving hosted children without charge.
  • Punishment: Corporal punishment is forbidden in all circumstances. If families are discovered using corporal punishment, their hosted child will be removed from the home.

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