Host Family Responsibilities

All host families (and not Frontier Horizon) are responsible for the following:

  • Providing hosted children with all meals.
  • Ensure hosted children are properly clothed and cared for.
    • Note: please see the “How to Prepare for your Hosted Child” section for more information.
  • Paying for any activities in which you choose to participate
  • Paying all direct and indirect fees related to international child hosting with Frontier Horizon.
  • Arranging and paying for all plans related to retrieving and returning your host child to and from the international airports from which they arrive and depart the US / Canada.
  • The cost of a Full Home Study or a “Short Visit Report,” which must include Criminal Background Checks and Sex Offender Checks
    • Note: Please see “Background check information”
  • If your hosted child is late to be dropped off at the airport for their return flight, the Host Family will be responsible for covering all incurred costs. The costs may include, but are not limited to, the change-of-ticket fee for the child and an orphanage guardian/translator, purchasing a new airline ticket (if necessary), and for paying for the hotel fees for children and guardian/translator prior to their departure;
  • If your hosted child has an accident or emergency medical situation, the Host Family is responsible for presenting all information to Frontier Horizon to process the claim with the medical insurance. If this is not done, then the Host Family will be fully responsible for all medical bills. (Note: Please visit for more information on the policy and to look up doctors and hospitals that participate in the PPO for the Hosting Program.”)
    • Please note: this insurance is for medical emergencies only and cannot be used for general care clinics, hospital visits or physician appointments. Families may choose to take their children for a check- up at their own expense; often a doctor or dentist will do the work free or give a discount if they know the children are international orphans.

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