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Orphan Child Hosting Handbook

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A Letter From the Founder

Dear Potential Host Families:

Thank you for your interest in opening your home to a Ukrainian orphan. We are very excited about your potential involvement in the Frontier Horizon Hosting Program!

This handbook was designed to help host families become better acquainted with the Frontier Horizon Hosting Program. Our hope is that this handbook will serve as a guide for you and your family so that you can have a better idea of what to expect and anticipate from both your hosted child and from Frontier Horizon.

If you have any questions about the material that is included in this packet, please feel free to contact us (see our “Contact Us” Page on our website or the “Communicating with our staff” section of the handbook). Our desire is for potential host families and orphaned children to be equally prepared for the Hosting Program experience.

Thank you for taking the time to thoughtfully go over our handbook. We hope that you find it useful and informative! When you partner with Frontier Horizon, you help meet the needs of orphaned and underprivileged children in Ukraine.


Wishing You a Wonderful Hosting Experience,

Vincent T. Rosini, President

Hosting Program Handbook Introduction

Frontier Horizon is a faith-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization that strives to meet the needs of orphaned and impoverished children living in Ukraine, Nicaragua, Colombia, and Kyrgyzstan. In 2000, Frontier Horizon President Dr. Vincent Rosini started a Hosting Program through which orphaned children are sponsored and hosted by American and Canadian families. The program occurs twice each year—once in the summer and once in the winter. The summer program offers two or three sessions—a long session of approximately nine weeks and a shorter session of approximately three to four weeks in length. The winter holiday program runs from mid-December into early January and is approximately three weeks long.

We invite you to read through this handbook completely prior to hosting a child through our program.

Why a Hosting Program? Frontier Horizon started this program in order to raise awareness of the needs of orphans throughout Ukraine, Nicaragua, Colombia, and Kyrgyzstan. Our goal and desire is for families to connect with orphaned children in order to have a better understanding of the children’s lives and needs. Frontier Horizon’s program is a travel programnot an adoption program. While Frontier Horizon is not an adoption agency, many families do decide to adopt the children whom they host. While this is a wonderful benefit to our program, Frontier Horizon does not have an adoption program and adoption is not the priority of our work.

What is a Hosting Program? The Frontier Horizon Hosting Program is an opportunity for orphaned children to have a cultural and educational experience visiting the United States or Canada. Participating families provide orphaned children with the unique immersive experience of enjoying a family and community focused on their education, development, and nourishment.

Financial Requirements: Important Information and Updates

Cost: Frontier Horizon’s Travel Program costs approximately $2900 to $3500 per child plus a $150 Application Fee. There are discounts available for hosting more than one child. Please contact us about available deals.

Payments Due: The $150 Application Fee is due with your application. The Hosting Program Fee is due by April 15th (Summer Program) or October 15th (Winter Program).

  • What does the cost include? The Frontier Horizon Travel Program Fee includes the cost of passports, emergency medical insurance, visas, transportation from Ukraine to JFK/ NY  or WAS/ Dulles airport for all children and translators, and a donation to your hosted child’s orphanage. Additionally, families must pay any additional domestic airfare from JFK, New York to their local airport. The children must travel with the host family or an orphanage guardian. Please contact us for further details.
  • How do I make the Travel Program Payment? All Frontier Horizon Travel Program Fees are tax deductible. The Travel Program Fee can be made via check or via credit card. Please make all checks payable to FRONTIER HORIZON and mail them to the address below. If you prefer to pay via credit card, please note that there is an additional 3% credit card fee that will be deducted from your account. Therefore, families paying via credit card will be responsible for an additional 3% fee. Payments conducted through PayPal can be made in maximum payments of $2,000 and the 3% fee. For information on making payments, please see our “Support Us” page on our website. The Frontier Horizon website is: The Frontier Horizon mailing address is:

          P.O. Box 4429
Virginia Beach, VA 23454


  • What if my hosted child does not receive a visa from the government? If a child does not receive a visa the host families will be reimbursed the hosting fee minus $500, which will be used to cover the expenses of the visa appointment, cancelled airline ticket and local travel fees.
  • Host Families/Children requiring Connecting Flights: All connecting flight families (families who are not in driving distance to JFK airports) are financially responsible for the connecting flight fees for their hosted child and the guardian/translator’s connecting flight. We will send children to any of the 50 States, and options are available in Canada as well (contact our staff at Frontier Horizon to learn more). All families must pay the domestic airfare from either JFK, New York or WAS/ Dulles to their local airport. The children must travel with the host family or a guardian. Please contact us for further details.
  • Passport Policy (New): Frontier Horizon will not hand the children’s passports over to host families, because the children do not need passports for domestic travel. If you feel that you need some type of identification beyond the insurance document, Frontier Horizon will provide a photocopy of the first page of the child’s passport and email it to you. Please contact Frontier Horizon staff to request this.
  • Can I fund-raise to off-set my costs? If families are interested in hosting and do not feel that they can afford the Hosting Program Fee, we encourage families to seek donations for their sponsored child from friends, families, churches, or businesses. Because Frontier Horizon is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, all donations over $250 will be receipted and all contributions are tax deductible.

          Note: If you do raise money for your hosted child:

  • ALL FUNDS are due on the Hosting Program Due Date (April 15/ October 15)
  • Please be certain that all checks are made payable to Frontier Horizon, and please mail ALL checks together in one envelope.
  • Please direct online givers to our PayPal  account, and mobile givers to text SUPPORT to (302) 300-4483.
  • Please mark YOUR name and YOUR HOSTED CHILD’S name in the memo line of the check
  • Please have all donors mail checks to you, and then mail all checks TOGETHER to Frontier Horizon


Host Family Responsibilities

All host families (and not Frontier Horizon) are responsible for the following:

  • Providing hosted children with all meals;
  • Ensure hosted children are properly clothed and cared for; (Note: please see the “How to Prepare for your Hosted Child” section for more information.)
  • Paying for any activities in which you choose to participate;
  • Paying the Hosting Program Fee and $150 Application Fee;
  • Arranging the connecting flights for children traveling to airports beyond JFK/NYC or WAS/Dulles; the children cannot travel alone.
  • Providing all transportation to and from the airports to your home;
  • The cost of a Full Home Study or a “Short Visit Report,” which must include Criminal Background Checks and Sex Offender Checks (Note: Please see “Background check information”);
  • If your hosted child is late to be dropped off at the airport for their return flight, the Host Family will be responsible for covering all incurred costs. The costs may include, but are not limited to, the change-of-ticket fee for the child and an orphanage guardian/translator, purchasing a new airline ticket (if necessary), and for paying for the hotel fees for children and guardian/translator prior to their departure;
  • If your hosted child has an accident or emergency medical situation, the Host Family is responsible for presenting all information to Frontier Horizon to process the claim with the medical insurance. If this is not done, then the Host Family will be fully responsible for all medical bills. (Note: Please visit for more information on the policy and to look up doctors and hospitals that participate in the PPO for the Hosting Program.”)

Please note: this insurance is for medical emergencies only and cannot be used for general care clinics, hospital visits or physician appointments. Families may choose to take their children for a check- up at their own expense; often a doctor or dentist will do the work free or give a discount if they know the children are international orphans.

Essential Information for Potential Host Families

Please read this page very carefully—it is the responsibility of the Host Family to understand the following information.

  • Committing to host a specific child
    Once you commit to hosting a child there is no guarantee that the child you chose will be able to travel. In the past, Frontier Horizon has had the rare case when a child chosen by a family has become sick or injured and has not been able to travel. There have also been cases when local Ukrainian government officials changed their mind and refused to allow children from their specific city to travel. There is also the potential for an adoptable child to be selected by a Ukrainian family before the hosting program date.While these situations do not occur often, they are possible. Host families should be aware that such situations are out of the control of Frontier Horizon. Our staff will do everything we can to prevent unexpected hindrances and to situate host families with another child should the arrangement fall through. We will not send a substitute child to you without your prior knowledge, and you will be refunded the main portion of the hosting fee apart from the Ukrainian document fees, visa application fee and local travel expenses ($500) if you decide not to host another child.

    If a host family changes their mind and decides not to host on their own accord after the fee is paid, refund is not an option. Host families who change their minds may be able to find a substitute family to host and pay the program fees. Once a child is added to the travel list, they cannot be taken off and the fees must be covered somehow.

  • Frontier Horizon is NOT an adoption agency
    There is no guarantee that you will be able to adopt the child you host. Should you pursue adoption with one of our hosted children, Frontier Horizon plays no role in the adoption process. Though the Frontier Horizon staff works hard to present correct, relevant, and helpful information concerning the children’s profiles and availability, we are not providers of officially verified legal information. What we share is informed by the Ukrainian orphanage staff.If you hope to adopt after hosting, we recommend you research the adoption process, contact an adoption agency directly, and contact a Ukrainian adoption facilitator familiar with the Ukrainian adoption process.

    Again: Frontier Horizon is NOT an adoption agency, and Frontier Horizon does not facilitate adoptions.


The Frontier Horizon Hosting Program occurs twice each year—once in the summer and once in the winter. The summer program offers one long session of approximately nine weeks and a shorter session of approximately three to four weeks in length. The winter holiday program runs from mid-December into early January and is approximately two to three weeks in length.

There is a great deal of planning and organization that goes into our Hosting Program. Some things are beyond our control. For example: Because the children who travel from Ukraine are all orphans, their paperwork must be processed through the Ukrainian government on the local and national levels before it can be presented to the United States Embassy. As a result, Frontier Horizon will not be able to provide you with exact travel dates very far in advance. Because we are dependent upon the Ukrainian government and the United States Embassy (as well as the availability of the airlines), we do ask for your patience, understanding, and flexibility as we organize the exact dates of each program. Please rest assured that we will provide you with accurate and up-to-date information about the program dates and times as soon as we possibly can.

Note: We ask all host families to seriously consider their personal and work commitments prior to committing to hosting children. It is the responsibility of all host families to recognize the time frame of the Hosting Program and to reorder their schedules as appropriate to host and care for children. Frontier Horizon does not permit babysitters or child care programs for Hosting Program children that have not been approved. All care givers other than host families must be screened and approved by Frontier Horizon staff. Please contact us if you need more information about this.

Regulations and Policies

Frontier Horizon must have received the following from all Hosting Families before the start of the host program.

  • Preliminary Application with $150 Application Fee
  • Full Hosting Program Application
  • Hosting Program Fee
  • Connecting flight fees for your hosted child (guardian/translator, if applicable)
  • Signed Host Family Agreement Form
  • Signed Background History Affidavit
  • Completed National Sex Offender Check for all persons 18 and over in your home
  • Completed Criminal Background Check for all persons 18 and over in your home

All New Frontier Horizon Host Families must additionally submit:

  • Full Home Study OR Short Visit Report
  • Authorization of Release and Exchange of Information
  • Copy of agency or LCSW license with Home Study/Short Visit Report

Regulations and Crucial Information: 

  • UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE YOU PERMITTED TO KEEP YOUR HOSTED CHILD PAST THE END DATE OF THE HOSTING PROGRAM. Frontier Horizon CANNOT allow families to host or keep children past our hosting program dates. Doing so is ILLEGAL and could jeopardize our good standing with the Ukrainian government, the United States Embassy, and the orphanage staff with whom we work. Your child must be at the airport at the designated departure time and date or legal action will be taken.
  • Hosting children: Families are not permitted to host more than four (4) children in their home per program. Please contact Frontier Horizon staff if you have questions about this.
  • Guardians: The Ukrainian government requires orphanage staff, guardians, and translators to accompany children traveling internationally. We are always looking for guardian housing. Please let us know if you are willing to host a guardian or translator.
  • Arrival and Departure: Host Families are responsible for picking up and dropping off their hosted children at the designated airport on time. If your hosted child is late to be dropped off at the airport for their return flight, the Host Family will be responsible for covering all incurred costs. The costs may include but are not limited to the change-of-ticket fee for the child[ren] and guardian, purchasing  new airline ticket[s], and any necessary hotel fees for child[ren] and guardian.
  • Flights: Children will either fly into JFK/NY or possibility WAS/Dulles airports. Frontier Horizon must work in conjunction with the Ukrainian government as well as the U.S. Embassy and various Ukrainian and U.S. airlines PRIOR to purchasing the airline tickets. Therefore, Frontier Horizon cannot guarantee that your hosted child will fly into an airport near your house. When you agree to host a child, you are agreeing to take responsibility for their arrival and departure—regardless of whether they will fly into an airport nearest you.
  • Host Families/Children Connecting Flights: Host families are financially responsible for connecting flights or transportation if required. While Frontier Horizon’s hosting fee covers international travel, any travel after the arrival at the designated airport is the responsibility of the hosts.
  • Responsibility: It is the responsibility of host families to serve as the guardians of the children at all times; hosted children may not spend the night at other people’s homes without their approved hosts or guardians. Frontier Horizon must abide by strict rules that prohibit anyone from hosting or watching the children who has not been approved through our program. If you have a friend or family member who you would like to have approved to help you host your child, please contact Frontier Horizon staff.
  • Insurance: Frontier Horizon insures all Hosting Program children, guardians, and translators.
    • Disclaimer: Please note this insurance is for medical emergencies only and cannot be used for general care clinics, hospital visits or physicals. Families may choose to take their children for a check-up at their own expense; many doctors or dentists are aware of our program and offer discounts and deals or will otherwise consider working for free or discount on Ukrainian orphans.
  • Punishment: Corporal punishment is forbidden in all circumstances. If families are discovered using corporal punishment, their hosted child will be removed from the home.

Hosting FAQs

Are all the children that come on the program available for adoption?

All of our Colombian children are available for adoption. Many but not all Ukrainian children are available for adoption; Galleries A-E are more often adoptable, but Galleries F and H usually are not. Nicaraguan children are host only.

Are the children insured during their stay in America?

All of the children who travel to the United States are insured. Please note this insurance is for medical emergencies only and cannot be used for general care clinics, non-emergency hospital visits, or physician appointments. Families may choose to take their children for a check-up at their own expense. We have found that many doctors will offer discounts if they know the children are international orphans.

Can I adopt the child I host?

Many families are interested in adopting the children they host or meet through our Hosting Program. There are a large number of children who are already adopted and living in the United States and Canada as a direct result of the program. The advantage of the program is that it affords a number of life-changing opportunities for both your family and the child, whether adoption is a part of that plan or not.

Regardless of your reason to host, please be aware that Frontier Horizon is a humanitarian aid organization and not an adoption agency. While we are always excited to see adoptions work out, we have no hand in them or any way to influence adoption opportunities. The main goal of this program is ultimately to improve the welfare of orphan children across the globe. If you choose to adopt, please be aware the process is handled separately from our organization, and we do not have any control or influence over the adoption process, nor do we have any affiliation with adoption agencies.

Families hosting from Colombia have a month from the end of the hosting program to send a letter of intent.

As soon as possible, contact Kylynn Stenhoff at CHI:

Children’s House International
506 Grover St. #115 Lynden, WA 98264

Office: 360-383-0623
Fax: 360-383-0640

Can I host a child even if I do not want to adopt?

Please do! We encourage and welcome individuals and families to host children even if they are not interested in adoption. Our primary goal is to raise awareness of orphan needs and to foster the improvement of the health, education, and general welfare of all orphan children. The hosting program itself raises funds and conducts activities for that purpose. You help us achieve such goals by hosting a child.

Can I keep in contact and/or financially support the child I host?

For our Colombian children, our primary focus is to encourage adoption and we do not have opportunities to sponsor them after hosting. However, for the Ukraine and Nicaragua galleries, ongoing support is strongly encouraged. You may keep in contact with the child you hosted through e-mail, and you may send money and/or packages to the child as often as you please. You will receive the e-mail of a translator upon request who will translate letters and ensure that your gifts get to your child for a nominal monthly fee.

Can I travel outside of the United States with my hosted child?

Under no circumstances are host families permitted to take their hosted children outside of the United States or Canada. Neither the children’s visas nor their insurance will allow the children to leave the country in which the host family lives.

Can I visit the child I hosted from Colombia?

No. The Colombian government will not allow families to visit these children unless it is apart of the adoption process.

Can I visit the child I hosted in Ukraine?

Yes! Frontier Horizon runs three or four short-term service trips each year, and we welcome you to come along. The children absolutely love having their host families visit them in Ukraine, and actually seeing the orphanages and the children in their homes proves to be a life-changing experience for our teams. Please contact us if you are interested in traveling on a team or if you would like to organize a team to travel to Ukraine through Frontier Horizon.

Can my host child stay longer than the prescribed time of the program?

NO! This is a strict rule that we cannot change. It is the requirement of all foreign governments and the US Embassy that the children return at the set end date of the hosting program. Any violation of this rule is breaking the law and endangers the future of our program as well as the future of the child you are hosting. If necessary, legal action will be taken.

Can my hosted child attend a sleep over?

It is the responsibility of host families to serve as the guardians of Frontier Horizon Hosting Program children at all times. Please read our handbook or contact us for more information on our policy regarding this.

Can my hosted child travel with me?

Children may travel throughout the passport country of the hosts when accompanied. Host families to Colombian children need to inform us of your schedule if you are taking your child more than two hours’ drive from your home. Children may not leave the United States or Canada.

Can we buy the child gifts while they are with us?

For Colombian hosting, there are strict guidelines on gifts that can be bought for the hosted child. Absolutely no electronic devises (cell phones, laptops, ipads, etc.) can be sent back with the child. Basic needs should be met and may even make a great goodbye gift, Oftentimes, the children come with just the clothes on their back and a small backpack of personal items. Any gift-giving is optional, but our advice is to moderate your giving.

Can we contact previous hosts for program references and advice?

Yes! We encourage you to contact families who have had experience hosting in the past or who eventually pursued adoption. For Colombia, contact CHI directly. For Ukraine and Nicaragua, contact Frontier Horizon.

Colombian Financial Requirements

Columbia Financial requirements for Summer Hosting Program

Partial grants are available for families hosting more than one child.

Hosting fee breakdown:

$2700 for 1st child

$5000 for two children ($400 off)

$7200 for 3rd child ($900 off)

$9200 for 4th child ($1600 off)


To hold a child on our website, please put down $500 (plus 3% for Paypal transfer fee) through our giving page at:

The first half of the hosting fee due by May 1st (example: for one child after hold deposit has been paid is $850). The remaining half of the Hosting Program fee (for one child would be $1,350)  is due by June 1st. Refunds are not available after May 1st.

Send checks to:

Frontier Horizon
P.O. Box 4429
Virginia Beach, VA 23454

Do you send children to any state in the US?

Yes. We will send children to any of the United States. We request that interested families try to bring at least five children to each host city but recruiting others in their community, but there is no requirement to do so. We do suggest interested families try to find a few more local families to host children since the interaction among the children is usually very beneficial to the hosting experience. Policies on domestic flights vary by country. Please contact us for further details or about where in Canada hosting is possible.

Essential requirements

Some essential requirements for the function of this program are are:

  • Guardians travel with the children from their home country with a 1:7 ratio. We ask host families to be open to the opportunity to host the orphanage guardians for part of the program time as well.
  • Host parents must be citizens of the United States or Canada and 25 and older.
  • Host families must complete 10 hours of training.
  • During the application process, potential hosts must complete or provide a valid short home study or home safety visit.

    Reminder: All hosting comes with some level of risk. Frontier Horizon cannot guarantee the child you choose to host will be a good fit or will be adoptable. On rare occasions, illness or unforeseen circumstances may complicate or hinder travel. Frontier Horizon has no control or responsibility concerning the decisions of orphanage staff, government officials, or adoption agencies.

I am unmarried, can I host a child?

We do not restrict our hosts to married couples or families. As long as the application materials are all submitted completely and standards as stated in the Hosting Handbook are met, you will be able to host.

Is it possible to obtain a student visa for the child I host?

Some families who do not want to adopt would prefer to bring their hosted children back to sponsor and watch over their education. This option is not possible in Colombia and very difficult in other host countries. As with adoptions, this process must be handled apart from Frontier Horizon. You may contact a local lawyer in your city that specializes in student visas. You may also refer the lawyer to Frontier Horizon if he has questions you cannot answer.

Is it unfair to host a child that you are not going to adopt?

Not necessarily. Our goal is to raise awareness and to provide orphaned children with a cultural and educational experience. It is preferable that those who host Colombian children are open and ready to adopt. With Nicaragua and Ukraine, hosting is strongly encouraged, even without the intent to adopt. The program has a 50-60% adoption rate, so there are many children who participate in the program and are not adopted. We strive to help as many children as possible, and there are numerous ways in which Frontier Horizon works to help these children. Often, families who do not adopt still take a vested interest in their hosted child’s future by funding that child’s basic needs and/or future education. Donations for basic needs such as food, clothing, medicine, and education as well as short-term humanitarian aid trips and grants for self-sufficiency projects or building repair all help to meet such needs. This program is just one more resource to improve the lives of the children with whom we work.

What are the ages of the children available for hosting?

The majority of our children are between the ages of 6 and 16. It is not possible to host infants or teenagers about to age out of the system. Most of the children available from Colombia are between 10 and 14.

Who decides which children come to visit the United States?

The answer varies by country. In Colombia, the government interviews the children and makes sure they
are good candidates for hosting. In Ukraine and Nicaragua, Frontier Horizon works closely with the orphanage directors and staff to select children who have good behavior, positive attitudes, and good grades in school. Children who are selected as hosting candidates see the trip to the United States or Canada as a reward. Despite our careful process, many children with behavioral and emotional issues have the chance to travel anyway. Please be aware of the risks of hosting an impoverished or orphaned child as outlined in the Hosting Handbook.

View all Frequently Asked Questions by visiting our Hosting FAQs page.

More Information on Hosting and Adoption

For legal reasons, Frontier Horizon is not authorized to provide personal, medical, or family history information regarding the Ukrainian host children. We will do our best to provide general information to prepare for hosting and to provide families who are interested in adoption with information regarding the child[ren]’s availability. We cannot provide you with any medical, psychological, or personal information about your hosted child[ren]. Any information provided by Frontier Horizon is unofficial information. Should you pursue adoption, we encourage you to seek official information individually and independently through your Ukrainian adoption facilitator and the National Adoption Council in Ukraine.

Frontier Horizon cannot guarantee that a child’s paperwork is accurate, up-to-date, or that it will not change. Paperwork is the responsibility of the Ukrainian government and out of our control at Frontier Horizon. We cannot guarantee availability of adoptable children. Frontier Horizon’s Hosting Program is not an adoption program. Our work is not exclusively with available and adoptable children.

Hosted children come from an orphanage system. It is essential for host families to understand the disparity between the culture of a healthy Western nuclear family and the lifestyle of those surviving in the Ukrainian orphanage system. While behavior is individual and Frontier Horizon cannot tell you exactly what to expect in regards to the child you will host, there are a few things that can be generally expected in Ukrainian orphans.

  • Children in Ukraine are placed in institutions for many of the same reasons that children are placed in foster care within the United States: neglect, physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, substance usage and abuse, incarcerated parents, or death of parents or guardians. In addition, many children are placed in orphanages because their parents have abandoned them or because their parents (or guardians—grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, etc.) cannot financially afford to care for them. Poverty plays a significant role in many of these situations.
  • Many children do not have any relatives other than siblings, and many children have lived the entirety of their lives in the Ukrainian orphanage system. Several of these children were submitted to the system as infants and have moved from one orphanage to another throughout their lives.
  • Some children who live at the orphanages do have a family member who has remote contact with them. Usually this is a parent, an aunt or uncle, older sibling, or grandparent, or who keeps in contact from a distance. Depending on the situation, the children may visit with their relatives while living at the orphanages. It is important to know that some of the children with living adult relatives are not available for adoption, but host parents are welcome to inquire after availability.
  • Life in the Ukrainian orphanage system is dramatically different from the “typical” American lifestyle. Many of the orphanages we work with have between 400 – 500 children at a time. As a result, the children who live in these orphanages do not have people caring for them attentively in the way that a parent would care for a child. Therefore, many of the children show signs of neglect and attachment disorder due to the system. Hosted children may have difficulty giving and receiving love.
  • Common problems reported by host families include general disobedience, lack of interest in activities, withdrawn personality, anger issues and argumentative behavior, stealing, and other bad habits or coping skills. Orphaned children often lack social and hygiene skills due to a lack of direct personal instruction.
  • While these issues are not a problem for every child, it is important for all host families to recognize the impoverished and under-educated background that orphaned children are raised in for the entirety of their lives. Do not expect the child[ren] to behave properly immediately upon proper instruction. Learning opportunities that healthy teens and adults will immediately understand are usually not quickly absorbed by these children. They are wounded children with little-to-no comprehension of a healthy family unit.

Frontier Horizon is not an adoption agency. Frontier Horizon staff specifically tells hosted children that they are NOT traveling to the United States to be adopted. While we do our best to prepare the children for their trip to be only an educational and cultural experience, it is nearly impossible to keep them from getting their hopes up. Host families should be prepared for this, but please let us know if you believe you need help communicating accurate expectations with the child[ren] will they are with you.

On the other hand, many host families are interested in adoption. We discourage families from openly discussing adoption with hosted child[ren]. DO NOT make any promises to your hosted child[ren]. The adoption process is lengthy, and unfortunately we have seen hopeful families change their minds about adoption while in the process. It is very likely the child[ren] you are hosting have experienced abandonment trauma already.  Please be respectful and mindful of this as you pursue options with an adoption agency.

Availability: Frontier Horizon feels that it is important for all host families to know that there are four potential options regarding a child’s availability for adoption. All of the children in our galleries fall into one of the following categories.

  1. Available Now: The child is currently registered in the National Adoption Center and is immediately available for adoption.
  2. Available in the Future: The child’s paperwork is in the process of becoming available. In Ukraine, the paperwork takes a minimum of fourteen (14) months to complete. Contact us for information about the time frame of a specific child and we will do our best to inform you completely.
  3. Possibly Available: The child’s status is unknown at the moment (most common in Gallery F). It could be that their legal guardian has never been asked whether that child may be put up for adoption, the legal guardian cannot be found or located, or that the guardian is in jail. Oftentimes, the child[ren] in this circumstance can be made available for adoption once their guardian is located and is able to meet with the orphanage director or local social worker.
  4. Not Available: Children who are not available have families or relatives who have custody of them and who have informed us that they do not want the child[ren] to be adopted. These children are only available to be hosted.

Note: Please remember that our goal is to raise awareness of the needs of all orphaned children; therefore, children who are and are not available for adoption are welcome to be hosted. 

Disrupted/Dissolved Adoptions: It is important for our host families to be aware that not all foreign adoptions work out as planned. Sometimes an adopted child causes such problems that the family finds it necessary to remove the child from their home. While this is very rare, it does happen. Although children in this situation cannot return to Ukraine, another US family can adopt the child. Should you find yourself in such a situation and in need of help, there are organizations that can be contacted in order to help you handle this situation:

Frontier Horizon Hosting Program Background Requirements

**Please Note: All Frontier Horizon families new to the program must complete a “Short Visit Report” in addition to their National Criminal Background Check and  National Sex Offender Check. All Frontier Horizon host families who have not submitted a previously completed full home study or Short Visit Report will be required to do the “Short Visit Report” **

Required Paperwork For Host Families

  • Preliminary Application and $150.00 Application Fee: This fee is used to help cover the costs of local program expenses such as printing, postage, and phone calls.
  • Frontier Horizon Full Hosting Program Application: The Frontier Horizon Full Hosting Program Application is attached under Hosting Program. Please fill out all the information and return the Full Application to the Frontier Horizon mailing address (below)  with your Hosting Program Fee, which is due in full by April 15 (Summer Travel Program) or October 15 (Winter Travel Program). Note: If your payment is not received by the 30th of the month, your hosted child will be removed from the list and will not be eligible to travel.
  • National Criminal Background Check: If you will be doing a Short Visit Report or Home Study, you can ask your social worker to do a National Criminal Background Check, or you can contact a national agency to do your report. We suggest the FBI check, which covers both the national background check and sex offender check.  available at the following link: us/cjis/background-checks . Both the National Criminal Background and Sex Offender Background checks must be provided for all persons in your household ages 18 and older. All National Criminal Background Checks must be mailed directly from the Background Check Agency or Social Worker to Frontier Horizon. Frontier Horizon does not accept Background Checks via email or fax or from the host family.
  • National Sex Offender Check: When you apply for your National Criminal Background Check, please also apply for a National Sex Offender Check. All persons in your household ages 18 and older must present Frontier Horizon with both checks. Note that the FBI check covers both.
  • Host Family Agreement: The Frontier Horizon Host Family Agreement is included in the Travel Program Please be sure to fill in the necessary information and sign this form. It must be returned to Frontier Horizon with the Full Hosting Program Application.
  • Background History Affidavit: The Background History Affidavit is included in the Hosting Program Handbook. Please fill in the necessary information, and please sign the enclosed form.
  • Note: These requirements are only for first-time Frontier Horizon host families:
    • Completed and unexpired Full Home Study OR “Short Visit Report”: Details about the “Short Visit Report” are included below.
    • A copy of the Licensed Clinical Social Worker’s License or Agency’s License: This is paramount and must be presented with the Home Study or “Short Visit ”
    • The Frontier Horizon Authorization for Release and Exchange of Information Form: Please be certain that both parties sign this form releasing Host Family information to Frontier Horizon.

All new host families must present Frontier Horizon with a “Short Visit Report” or with a completed and valid Home Study. Families can contact a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) or an Adoption agency to do their report. In the “Short Visit Report,” we ask LCSWs to meet with the host parents (and their children if applicable) and review the Host Family’s home. The LCSW then presents a report and recommendation to Frontier Horizon detailing their experience. Enclosed is a letter to the LCSW detailing the report. Please contact Frontier Horizon if you have further questions about this process.

Guidelines for the Short Visit Report: The LCSW should address the following issues and questions during the Short Visit Report:

  1. Please interview all family members regarding their interests and hobbies as individuals and any interests or activities shared as a family. Please discuss the type of profession and the individual work schedules with the adults.
  2. Please ask Potential Host Families how they heard about the Frontier Horizon Hosting Program and ask them why they are interested in the program.
  3. Please ask: What do you, as a family, expect of the Hosting Program? What are your expectations concerning your hosted child? Why are you interested in hosting a Ukrainian child?
  4. Please ask if the family is aware of some of the behaviors associated with children who have lived in orphanages (abuse, neglect, abandonment, bed-wetting, etc). It is very important for families to understand potential problems and to be prepared.
  5. Please ask: Have you participated in any other adoption or foster programs? Have you read any materials about adoption or foster care children? Please explain.
  6. Please ask: What are your experiences with children? Are there children currently living in the household? Do you have adopted children? How do current children feel about the Frontier Horizon Hosting Program?
  7. Please discuss methods of discipline used in the home, and please explain that corporal punishment is strictly not permitted regarding hosted children.
  8. Please discuss the family’s support system (extended family members, friends, church groups, etc).
  9. Please discuss the layout of the physical home . . . where will the hosted child[ren] sleep? Will the hosted child[ren] share a bathroom with other family members? Are dangerous objects and medications safely stored out of reach? Are there pets, and are there rules regarding the pets? Is the home sanitary and appropriately cleaned? Are there any safety concerns that need to be addressed?
  10. Are there any unresolved loss issues that may complicate a family hosting a child? (i.e.: recent death of a child, etc )
  11. Are there any “red flags” or concerns that you have about the family’s participation as host parents for the Frontier Horizon Hosting Program? Are there any issues of which our staff should be aware?

Note: Frontier Horizon recommends that each question is answered during the interview and those answers shared and evaluated in the LCSW’s write- up/report. Please include your recommendation and professional opinion, as based on your interview with the Host Family.


Printed Short Visit Report or Hosting Application may be sent to the following address:

Frontier Horizon
P.O. Box 4429
Virginia Beach,
Virginia 23454

How to Prepare for your Hosted Child

Frontier Horizon recommends that all host families make sure they are prepared before the host child[ren] arrive. We suggest:

  • Visit your local bookstore and purchase a phonetic Russian/English dictionary. Having a phonetic dictionary will help you pronounce Russian words when speaking to your child. Books with a Russian-to-English portion will also help you translate what your child is trying to say to you.
  • Please sit down with your family prior to your hosted child[ren]’s arrival and compile a list of rules for your family and your household. Please prepare to share these rules with your hosted child[ren] starting at their arrival. Please do not assume that the child[ren] will “know how to act” or “use their manners”. If a child is not helped to understand your house rules, they cannot possibly obey them. Most children are visiting the United States or Canada for the first time, and they will need a grace period to adjust to this new world of foreign culture, language, family dynamics, and time zone. Ukraine is 7 hours ahead of EST (Atlanta, NYC, Toronto) and 10 hours ahead of PST (Toronto, Seattle, Los Angeles). All of this will likely be overwhelming for a few days.
  • Please be specific in your expectations for your hosted child[ren]. May they “help themselves” in your kitchen? Can they call their friends who are staying with other families? Do they need to ask before leaving the table, making a phone call, playing outside, etc.? Please also take the time to show your hosted child[ren] around your home so they can understand what is off limits and what spaces and devices they are welcome to use.
  • There are many online resources available to help in translation of house rules from English to Russian. We recommend starting with Google Translate. Frontier Horizon encourages families to use these for efficient communication, either via conversation or a printed list of rules for children able to read. Note: Please translate from English-Russian and then back again from Russian-English to be certain that you are getting the clearest translation possible. Some words are difficult to translate!
  • Frontier Horizon cannot be responsible for the behavior of the hosted child[ren]. It is the responsibility of the host parent[s] to explain and enforce family rules and boundaries. However, if you are having particular trouble managing a situation with your hosted child[ren], please contact the Frontier Horizon staff and/ or follow the steps of the 72-Hour Conflict Resolution Plan.

Other Cultural Differences

Host families should be prepared to accommodate cultural differences with patience and understanding.

  • Food
    • Our hosted child[ren] come from orphanages in different regions of the wide and varying country of Ukraine; therefore, their regular diets vary. However, all orphanages are poor, and the children do not eat as well as they could. Popular Ukrainian foods include potatoes, cabbage, and soup. Starchy foods are also popular and common in Ukraine. These things are more likely to be familiar and palatable to the children.
    • Hosted children may not like American food or it may even upset their stomachs. Considering that Ukrainian culture also tends to be very blunt and straightforward, please do not be offended should the children refuse food they are unfamiliar with. Most of the time, children do seem to enjoy pizza, chicken, french fries, and ice cream.
    • When offering food to the hosted child[ren], guardian, or translator please be patient and offer options.
    • We recommend placing food in front of your host child[ren] and encouraging them to “eat up!”
  • Temperature
    •  During the summer months, orphanages do not have the luxury of using air conditioning. Be prepared for your hosted child[ren] to be cold or uncomfortable while AC is running.
    • In the winter months, Ukraine is typically very cold, and the children are somewhat resilient to it. They will likely need reminders to bundle up appropriately during the winter program. Please be sure that they are comfortable and have the necessary coats, gloves, blankets, and shoes that they may need.
  • Communication
    • Many Ukrainians are very decisive and seem stubborn or abrupt to Western cultures. The Russian language uses many harsh tones and commanding phrases. Please note that this is a cultural difference and not a personal infraction. You may notice that some Ukrainians seem to be screaming at each other when speaking in Russian. This is a commonly accepted way of communication in Ukraine.
    • The children who participate in Frontier Horizon’s Hosting Programs come from orphanages throughout Ukraine. These orphanages are impoverished and some of their staff is under-educated. While all children are supposed to take English classes in school, many of the children do not speak any English at all. The Ukrainian government does not pay for English education for the children. Please do not expect any of the children to speak more than a few words of English. Additionally, if children do know some English, they are often embarrassed that they may say a word wrong or sound funny. Please understand that it takes time and patience for many children to speak what little English they know.
    •   Frontier Horizon has an English Sponsorship program through which families can sponsor orphanage children to attend English classes. Please let us know if you would like more information about this program.
  •  Hygiene
    • Due to limited hot water in the orphanages, some children may be unfamiliar with hot showers or bathing on a regular basis. These are important things to explain to hosted children.
    • Please also reinforce the importance of the children brushing their teeth twice daily, washing their hands after using the restroom, and washing their hands before eating meals.
    • In Ukraine, plumbing is also very different from the United States; children are accustomed to disposing of toilet paper in the trash can instead of in toilets. This is a hard habit for children to break. Please try to explain to children upon arrival to flush all toilet paper, and please be aware that some toilet paper will still end up in your family’s trash can.
    • Ukrainian children tend to wash their undergarments and socks while showering. Please be aware of this.
  • Clothing
    • Because hosted children are arriving directly from orphanages, they often come to the host country with only the clothes they are wearing. This is not an exaggeration. Many children visit the United States without bringing a single piece of luggage or even a small bag. If the child[ren] do bring a bag, we encourage all host families to go through the bag with their host child[ren] (perhaps by helping them unpack) to be aware of their clothing needs.
    • Orphanage children who may be used to sharing clothes may not bring any of it with them for the Hosting Program. Frontier Horizon encourages orphanage children, staff, and directors to help children separate clothing to pack for their trips to the United States; but, this rarely happens.
    • Please realize that it is the responsibility of the Host Family to ensure hosted child[ren] are clothed. Clothing provided can be hand-me- downs, purchased from consignment shops, or purchased new. Please feel free to collect clothing from your church, friends, or business.
  • Gifts
    • Because children often arrive with no more than what they are wearing or a small bag of belongings, many families shower the children with gifts the moment they arrive. However, this gives the child the impression that their family is rich and may lead to confusion and bad behavior. PLEASE do not spoil your child. Physically visiting the United States or Canada and staying with a family in a stable home is a positive experience in itself.

Important Information about Orphanage Children

Children who have been living in orphanages or institutionalized care often present the following concerns which include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Nutritional deficits
  • Delayed growth and development
  • History of physical, emotional, and/ or sexual abuse
  • Speech and language delays*
  • Emotional and behavioral problems
  • Attachment disorders
  • Neglect and/or abandonment trauma
  • Learning disabilities
  • Other undetected or undiagnosed health concerns

Some children, because of developmental delays or orphanage conditions, have behavioral difficulties and bad habits. Some children have been known to wet the bed; Frontier Horizon will inform host parents ahead of time if a child has a known recent or current bed-wetting problem.

Due to orphanage conditions, some children arrive with lice or bedbugs. Though they are checked at the orphanage before leaving, some lice or bedbugs are missed or the treatments available to the caretakers are not effective. We highly recommend host families check the children and their belongings upon their arrival. If lice, bedbugs, or any other pests are discovered, please inform Frontier Horizon staff immediately, and then seek effective treatment.

It is uncommon for children to arrive sick. However, should your hosted child[ren] show signs of illness upon arrival, please inform Frontier Horizon staff immediately and take the child[ren] to the doctor.

      *Note: The Ukrainian government places children with severe delays and/or disabilities in separate orphanages from “mainstream” children. Currently, Frontier Horizon is only working with children from such “mainstream” orphanages. If you have an interest in hosting a child with a significant need, please contact Frontier Horizon staff.


Shopping for your hosted child 

We recommend being careful when it comes to buying things for your hosted child, these following things considered.

  • If you must spoil your hosted child[ren], please do not spoil them during the first week of the visit. Frontier Horizon host families have found that the first week of the visit often sets the pace for the entire stay. We recommend spreading treats, gifts, and experiences out evenly for the duration of the program.
  • You may buy your hosted child[ren] a few necessities when they arrive, but it is important to say “No” (“Nyet” in Russian) if they start asking for shopping trips or for you to buy them their own electronic devices.
  • It is up to the discretion of host families to make other “want-based” purchases for your hosted child; however, it is advisable to wait until the last week of the children’s visit so that you are not setting a standard for their time with you.
  • Please be mindful of the orphanage staff and the hours they spend working and living with the children before and after the Hosting Program. We do not want to create more work for the staff once the children return. In the past, children who have returned to Ukraine with an exorbitant number of gifts have had many of their things lost or taken. Please keep this in mind when making purchases for your hosted child. Please do not buy cell phones or electronic equipment that can easily be stolen.
  • All host families are different. Therefore, children will inevitably arrive back to Ukraine with different gifts and clothing. Please be aware that many of the children will discuss their activities and purchases with each other both during and after their stay with you. As all children do, hosted children often compare their schedules and their gifts. Please keep this in mind and please feel free to discuss such differences with your hosted child[ren].


Frontier Horizon Recommends . . .

  • At the airport: When you arrive at the airport to pick up your hosted child, feel free to bring a sign with his/her name written in Russian. Please also pack a small meal or snack or plan to stop for food for your hosted child, as children are often hungry as they arrive to the airport.
  • Other Host Families: Please contact other host families in your area so that children can play together and host families can share their experiences. We have found that children enjoy being able to speak Russian with their peers and those with a similar experience.
  • When Hosting Guardians/Translators: Please give guardians, translators, and/ or the hosted child[ren] their schedule in advance. Frontier Horizon has found that children and guardians like to be able to be prepared for the next day’s activities.
  • Weekly Activities: We recommend that host families plan two activities or more each week for your hosted child and/or guardian/translator. Activities do not need to be expensive: you could take a scenic drive, visit a park, attend the story-hour at a nearby library, tour a museum, see the holiday lights in the winter, visit bodies of water in the summer, etc. (Be sure to communicate ahead of time about things like whether or not a child can swim or is able to understand the historic / cultural significance of the activity.) Having planned activities gives the children and adults something to look forward to and also enriches their experience, education, and understanding of our culture and nation.
  • Community Gatherings: Since one of the main purposes of our Hosting Program is to increase awareness of the needs of orphaned children living in Ukraine, we ask host families to consider hosting a picnic, Christmas party, or gathering with friends and family from church, work, or the neighborhood. These events raise awareness of what we do. Frontier Horizon staff are willing and available to come to your city to speak about the needs of our Ukrainian friends as well as Frontier Horizon’s programs. Please contact us if you are interested in more information about this.

Frontier Horizon Conflict Resolution Plan

If you are having trouble or feel that you need help with your hosted child[ren], the Frontier Horizon staff ask you to please contact a translator first. We believe that it is  very important for hosted children to be able to express themselves as clearly as possible. We strongly encourage all host families to contact a translator to help with conflicts or communication difficulties. Understanding between the hosted child and host family is key to the effectiveness of our program. We ask all host families to be aware of the difficulty of the time, language, and cultural differences that the children experience upon arriving to the United States. Please provide your hosted child[ren] with patience and grace as they adjust to their new surroundings.

Re-placement of child in a different home: If you are having trouble with your hosted child and you would like your child to be placed with another family, please follow the Frontier Horizon Conflict Resolution Plan:

We ask all host families to give their hosted children a minimum of three or four days to adjust to the new time difference, their new surroundings, and their Host Family before contacting Frontier Horizon about re-placement . . .

Note: If your child must be removed from your home and re-placed in another home in a different city, the original Host Family is responsible for the cost of airfare for their hosted child and guardian/translator to relocate.

 72 Hour Conflict Resolution Plan:

  • STEP 1: Please contact Frontier Horizon staff immediately to explain your situation and to express your concerns.
  • STEP 2: Frontier Horizon staff will immediately contact a translator to intervene in the situation. The translator should intervene within 24 hours of the initial complaint phone call. Frontier Horizon prefers intervention to be done in person, but if a translator cannot get to your home, the intervention can be done via phone call. Please leave at least a 24 hour grace period after intervention for change to take place in the dynamics with the hosted child[ren].
  • STEP 3: If the host family still desires for child[ren] to be placed in another home 48 hours after the intervention, the family must immediately call Frontier Horizon staff, and re-placement plans will be made as soon as possible. We will do our best to make arrangements within the next 24 hours.

    All host families must understand that they will NOT receive reimbursement for the program after the hosted child is removed. Understand that the entire re-placement process takes 3-4 days.

Frontier Horizon Translators

Many families feel uncomfortable with the idea of trying to communicate with a child whose first or only language is  Russian for the duration of the program. As a result, Frontier Horizon hires translators to travel with the children and to help families communicate throughout the duration of the Hosting Program. Frontier Horizon also provides over-the-phone translation services to families within the United States. We highly recommend that hosts use drawing skills, photos, symbols, and games to boost communication and fast learning. Charades, matching games, and vocabulary cards are all helpful tools to overcome language barriers with your hosted child[ren].

Families who are interested in hosting a translator in their home for the entire Hosting Program (or for a portion of it) are welcome to contact our staff to arrange that. Families who chose to host translators should expect to provide food, housing, and payment for any activities or outings they would assist on. Expect other host families to call the translator for assistance; please be willing to share.

Note: Translators are not to be used as babysitters. We respect our translators and are grateful for their hard work. Please do not expect them or ask them to watch your hosted child for more than one hour or so.

Translators attend Frontier Horizon training, and they receive a small stipend from Frontier Horizon. Translators are instructed to:

  • Purchase their own clothing, gifts, and souvenirs;
  • Translators are not permitted to send emails to the host family list;
  • Translators ate not permitted to make long distance phone calls without permission from the host family;
  • Translators are not permitted to initiate calls to other host families.

Translators: Frontier Horizon recommends:

  • When explaining your “house rules” to your hosted child, please also be specific with your translator: Can your translator “help themselves” to the kitchen? Do you mind if the translator cooks for the child[ren]? Can your translator use your phone or other devices? What items or rooms are “off limits”? Consider their needs and your own boundaries
  • Please be clear about your expectations of the translator up front to avoid confusion later.
  • Please try to give translators an idea of their schedule at least a day in advance; they typically prefer the chance to prepare themselves and fair warning will make them more comfortable.
  • Please note that many Ukrainians are very decisive and sometimes seem stubborn or abrupt to Americans. The Russian language uses many harsh tones and commanding phrases. Please note that this is a cultural difference and not a personal infraction. You may notice that some Ukrainians seem to be screaming at each other when speaking in Russian. This is a commonly accepted way of communication in Ukraine.

Note: If you have a problem with your translator, or if an issue arises, please contact Frontier Horizon staff immediately. Please be honest and open with your translator about the problems you are having. If you do not contact Frontier Horizon staff about translator-related issues, we cannot help you resolve them. If you are interested in hosting a Translator in your home, please be sure to note your interest on the Frontier Horizon Travel Program Application. Many families are interested in hosting translators, and there are not always enough translators to stay with all the families who request them. Please let us know of your interest in hosting a translator as soon as possible.

Orphanage Guardians

Per the request of the Ukrainian government, each orphanage selects guardians to accompany the children who travel. Guardians must be hosted, and while they frequently stay with the children and host families, it is also acceptable to find a place for them with neighbors or nearby friends. Please let us know if you or a family friend can host a guardian. The guardians will periodically check in on the children in their group, wherever they are hosted.

Resources for Host Families and Potentially Adoptive Families

Restaurants: To host families interested in experiencing a taste of their hosted child’s culture, we highly recommend you look up Russian, Ukrainian, or Eastern European markets or restaurants in their community. We recommend families visit these businesses, talk to the staff, and taste their food.  Hosted children will likely enjoy this experience as well.

If you have a positive experience at a Russian, Ukrainian, or Eastern European business or restaurant, please share that experience with Frontier Horizon so that we can recommend it to other hosts in your area. 

Reading in English: is  a website that has proven useful in helping our Ukrainian guests read in English!

Other recommended resources for our host families:

Center for Adoption Support and Education, Inc. (C.A.S.E.)
8505 Arlington Blvd., Suite 420
Fairfax, VA 22301

FRUA (Families for Russian & Ukrainian Adoptions):

If you know of other sources you would recommend we provide to our host families, please contact Frontier Horizon and let us know.

Scholarship Opportunities

As of Spring 2020, there are no scholarships available to cover hosting fees. At times, specific children are sponsored, discounts are available, or partial-funding opportunities come up. If you would like to be updated when any of these become available, please let us know. If you would like to sponsor a child or host family, contact Frontier Horizon or visit our PWI Crowdfunding page at:

Note: All Scholarship Families are still responsible for the $150 Frontier Horizon Application Fee as well as all the necessary paperwork, background checks, etc. The Scholarship Families do not have to pay full program fee.

Helping Frontier Horizon

There are several ways to help Frontier Horizon and our  future host families!

  • Volunteer to translate! Leave us your number to discuss opportunities in your region. (For fluent speakers of Russian, Ukrainian, or Spanish)
  • Send us your recommended resources for translation (Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish).
  • Recommend websites on the cultures of the hosted children.
  • Recommend restaurants and recipes from the cultures of the hosted children.
  • Connect us with medical professionals who may be willing to donate services to hosted children.
  • Share photos, videos, and stories from your hosting experience with us for use on our website and newsletter.
  • Ask us about hands-on volunteer opportunities available in your region!
  • Ask us about fundraising, donation,and speaking opportunities in your region!
  • Organize events in your area for nearby host families (potlucks, field trips, movie nights, etc).
  • Become a a Travel Program Partner! These volunteers provide friendship to hosted children and support to host families. We prefer these volunteers to be former host families or adoptive families.
  • Become a Back-up Host Family! These volunteers are called when Frontier Horizon host families decide that a child must be removed from their home and re-placed with another family. These families do not have to pay the travel program fees, but they are responsible for the food, clothing, and activities of hosted children. All “back-up families” are also responsible for submitting the necessary background information to Frontier Horizon before a child can be placed in their home.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, contact us for the next step!

Communicating with Frontier Horizon Staff

Cell Phones: Frontier Horizon strongly recommends that all host families carry cell phones with them to and from the airport as well as during outings with children. It is of paramount importance for our staff to be able to reach you. In the past, host families have been caught in traffic or have had emergencies and have not been able to contact our staff. Communication is of the essence with the Frontier Horizon Travel Program, particularly while children are in transit. Please take note of the phone numbers provided to contact us, and be willing to share your (and your spouses if applicable) number with us before the Travel Program start date.

E-Mail: Host Families will receive program information, updates, and contact information for other host families via email.

Please feel free to contact Frontier Horizon Staff with any questions that you may have:


Dr. Vincent Rosini, President


Maggie Scobie, Hosting Program Coordinator

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 4429
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23454

After The Hosting Program

As you host with us, we do ask that you keep track of any thoughts or recommendations you would like to share.  At the end of the Hosting Program, we will send out a survey by email to review your experience. At Frontier Horizon, we depend on our host families to help us strengthen and develop our programs. For this, we encourage you to tell us what works and what does not; your feedback is a crucial part of Frontier Horizon’s future.

In addition, please remember to record any in-kind medical (or other) donations that your child receives. Frontier Horizon needs the doctor’s name and address, the child’s name, and the type of service provided to appropriately thank donors for their services.

The staff at Frontier Horizon thanks you for your help.

Frontier Horizon’s Crash Course in Russian


How are you?— Kak dela?

What is your name?— Kak tebya zavut?

My name is… — Menya zovut …

How old are you? —Skolka tebya let?

Please / You’re welcome— Pozhalsta

Thank you—Spasibo

Very good– Ochen horosho

Good bye– Poka (familiar), Do svidanya ( formal)

Do you want to eat?—Ti hochesh kooshat?

Go to sleep. —Idi spat.

What do you want to do today?— Shto ti hochesh sevodnya dyelat?

What’s wrong?—Shto takoye?

Do you need something— Ti hochesh shto-to?

What do you like–Shto ti lubit?

We like you. —Ti nam nravitsa.

Let’s go– poidyom, or poshli



Don’t touch that— Ne trogai eto.

Come here– Idi suda.

Good morning—Dobroye utro.

Good afternoon— Dobrii dyen.

Do this— Sdyelai eto.

Do you need to go to the bathroom?— Tebe nuzhno toiliet?

Would you like to play … ?— Ti hochesh igrat…?

Stop — Ostanovi

Let’s go swimming!—Davai kupatza?

I love you—Ya lublu tebya 

Shower— Doush

Beach— Plyazh


Lake— Ozero 


Store— magazine

Drink— peet

Juice— sok

Yuck or ew— foo!

Counting, 1-10 – odin (1), dva (2), tri (3), chitiri (4), pyat (5), shest (6), syem (7), vosyem (8), dyevet (9), dyesit (10).