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Sofia L


GALLERY: Gallery F (Children with guardians)

AGE: 11



Sofia is smart, polite, responsible, sociable, friendly, persistent, fair, and has authority among classmates. She is very a very diligent and bright student and she does very well at school, has aptitude for all subjects, has an analytical mind. Sofia takes an active part in the social life of her class. she likes to play different games with her classmates, she prefers not very active games, she knows how to obey the general rules of the game. She helps her friends with pleasure if they need help, she can sympathize.

Sofia attends judo classes and her coach says that she is doing great. Also she is fond of pyrography ( art burning on wood), Everyone admires her artwork!

Sofia loves pets, especially dogs, she can establish quick contact with any dog!!! And she is dreaming to have one more dog.