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Sofia L


GALLERY: Gallery F

AGE: 11


Sofia L was born on September 06, 2009. Student of 6-A class

Lushchik Sofia is doing very well at school. She is a diligent, capable, active, communicative student. She has high abilities in learning the school material. Memory is well developed. Attention is stable. She does her homework systematically. She shows her high interest in learning school subjects. Has a penchant for subjects of all cycles. Language is expressive, and thoughts are expressed clearly; vocabulary is significant. Can think logically, analyze, make the right conclusions.

Features of her character: politeness, responsibility, balance, benevolence, persistence, justice, she has authority among classmates, she is a leader in her group of her friends. Takes an active part in the social life of the class. He treats assignments responsibly. She is sociable with peers, prefers to play quiet games. She helps her friends when they ask. She knows how to sympathize. Sofia loves pets. Her grandfather is her guardian.