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Sasha D


GALLERY: Gallery F (Children with guardians)

AGE: 12


Danchenko Sasha, DOB: Sept. 2, 2008,  studies in 6th grade.  Favorite subjects are math and Ukrainian language and literature. He also likes nature studies and geography. Studies at a good level! He loves to do push-ups and do other gym exercises, and play soccer.  Very sportive and active. Great helper to his older guardian with errands, around the house, and with garden and orchard. He loves to do his homework.  He likes to ride his bike.  He has one great friend, but also has great friendly relations with many peers. Will get involved if other boys start to fight to separate them and protect younger kids from bullying or pressure of older kids. Does not care much for meat and fish.  But loves soups, potatoes, pasta, buckwheat, and sweets.  Obedient to his guardian.  Has great characteristics from school teachers. Never any problems with behavior.  Reliable friend and helper. Under the guardianship of his grandmother.