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AGE: 8


Nika, DOB: July 1, 2013. Studies in 3rd grade.  Favorite subjects: Ukrainian language and literature, drawing, dance class – all in school. Studies at an excellent level.  And after school, Nika goes to a dance club for 2 years now – sport and ballet dances. Very athletic, can stand on her hands.  In addition to school, she attends private English lessons as she likes English very much. She loves to draw, spends a lot of time practicing, over 100 drawings in the guardian’s house.  She has one closest friend who is her neighbor, but Nika is generally very friendly and finds contact/relationship with other kids joyful and cheerful. Loves animals – cats and dogs especially have in the house, and Nika takes good care of them. Very kind, positive character from all sides. Never problems with behavior.  Great eater, no allergies, eats anything.   Nika is under the guardianship of her grandmother.