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Maria K


GALLERY: Gallery F (Children with guardians)

AGE: 11


Maria/Masha, DOB: Dec. 21, 2009. Studies in 5th grade. Favorite subjects are math, English, and singing.  Studies at an excellent level. After school, she likes to sing, draw, do handicrafts, and take internet lessons on drawing and handicrafts.  Likes to read books, goes to a local library.  Likes to spend time with friends outside, play ball games like volleyball and soccer even with boys.  Very active girl.  Helps her guardian around the house and yard/orchard/garden.  She has a dog, a cat, and a ginny pig – Masha takes care of them.  Loves animals in general.  She has many friends in her area and other towns that she keeps in touch with through the internet.  Calm girl, very responsive and respectful.  If she can’t do something – she will learn how and do it.  She keeps her daily schedule well, organized.  Has great characteristics from school teachers and caregivers.  Masha is the leader and monitor in her class.  Has 4 letters of appreciation from school teachers.  Takes part in school and district competitions and events, frequently wins. Took second place in school English competition and started to take lessons privately and school program in English.  Under the guardianship of an aunt.