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Katya K


GALLERY: Gallery F (Children with guardians)

AGE: 11


Katya, DOB: Sept. 17, 2009. Studies in 6th grade. Favorite subjects are biology, math, English. Studies at an excellent level.  Katya goes to a specialized school/gymnasium with increased hours of English lessons.  After school Katya goes to a musical school and plays the guitar.  Also, Katya attends drawing lessons.  Very friendly, communicative, loves animals, helps to take care of them. She also helps to take care of the dog. Loves doing origami and working with soft clay.  Recently Katya painted her own room with different drawings, maps, flowers, nature – it looks stunning. Attended classes from a professional painter. She painted her shoes and T-shirt as well. Katya is obviously a talented child. Great helper to peers and adults. Her grandmother is her guardian.