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Ivanna, Karina, Maksym and Oleksandr


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AGE: 15, 13, 11, 5


Meet this great group of siblings highly recommended for hosting!


Ivanna – is a very nice, funny and obedient child, she has great sense of humor, her friends just like to spend time with her playing different games together. Ivanna is very communicative and sweet, friendly. Also she likes when everything around is put in order, she is very tidy and accurate, Ivanna likes to help caregivers to clean up and help them. She is very close to her older brother Oleksandr.

Karina – is a very nice and positive girl, she is funny and happy in spite what drama she had to live through in her life. She is easy-going, friendly and gets along well with other kids, she is social and Karina is a real leader. She likes drawing, building puzzles, she takes an active part in orphanage activities.

Maksym – is very social. He makes friends easily at the orphanage or school. Max is sensitive and emotional, he still has pain in his heart because he can’t understand why he and his siblings have to live at the orphanage; however, Max has very strong character, he is a real fighter and always protect his sisters. Max likes to recite poems, and participates in orphanage shows and concerts. He likes to take care of younger kids at the orphanage and be their leader.

Oleksandr – is very accurate, caring, thrifty, economical, tidy, and obedient. He likes to do many crafts and likes cooking. He willingly fulfills the instructions of the adults at the orphanage. Oleksandr is very close to the youngest sister Ivanna, and loves to take care of her.