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AGE: 10


Egor DOB: Nov. 12, 2010.  Studies in 4th grade in regular school. His favorite subjects are nature studies, English and PT. Egor also attends courses of English outside of school.  Studies at a good level. Very active boy.  Loves soccer and has been going to a soccer club.  Loves other outdoor games. Very interested in cars. He has a collection of toy cars, and he is very knowledgeable in different brands/models, years of production of cars, etc.  His favorite brands are Mercedes and BMW.  By the body of the car, lamps, bumper, etc. – he will tell you the brand of the car from far away without seeing the marker on the car. Egor also likes computer and phone games esp. car and car parts-related games as far as food likes pizza, all sorts of meat meals. When Egor grows up, he dreams of becoming a professional soccer player. If he won the lottery, he would buy presents for his close friends and a play station.  Egor has one great friend who is his neighbor and goes to school together and has many other friends in school.  Egor likes animals, esp. cats. Egor is under the guardianship of Vitalina, who is not a blood relative to Egor, and his little sister Milana who is 4 y.o. and cannot travel due to age.