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Artem and Oleksandra


GALLERY: Gallery F (Children with guardians)

AGE: 13 and 11


Oleksandra studies in 6th grade. Her favorite subjects are drawing and nature-learning. Sasha loves to read! Her favorite books are still fairly tales of all sorts. Also loves to read other creative literature. She would read a book every day! Also Sasha loves to draw, mostly nature, heroes of her favorite fairy tales, heroes from cartoons, princesses, etc… Also Sasha loves listening to music of different kinds, but mostly pop music, Russian and foreign. Sasha has 2 favorite friends from school, mostly spend time outside playing various games. Sasha is a calm girl, loves to spend much time inside reading her books or watching TV. Curious nature. Lately she got more interested in music and started to dream to become a music producer. Sasha has never been abroad from Ukraine. Sasha has a brother:

Artem studies in 5th grade. All school subjects are favorite to him! But Artem loves sports, he spends most of his free time playing soccer with his friends and is a great player! Also he likes to read books and play computer / phone games. Both Sasha and Artem like to help their guardian around the house and yard: work in orchard, garden, help around the house. Artem is a very communicative boy and has many friends who he likes to spend time with playing all sorts of games. Artem is kind, gentle, helpful, respected by his friends.