Frontier Horizon, Inc. is a humanitarian aid organization established to meet the immediate and long-term needs of orphans and destitute people around the world

Our hosting program provides a number of life-changing opportunities for your family and for the child.

Your tax deductible donation will benefit the orphans in Ukraine and the poverty stricken in Nicaragua

Your donation allows food, clothing and medical supplies for those who need it most.

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Hosting Summer 2013

This historically successful program aims to provide exchange opportunities between children from orphanages in Ukraine and United States host families. Twice each year, children are placed with host families throughout the United States.

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What they said

Thank you for helping to make our Christmas wish program spectacular! The children were so excited to see us and their presents!


We hosted in summer 2011 and adopted in spring 2012.  we couldn't be happier. The experience has been more enriching than we could have ever imagined.


I was so excited to visit America. I couldn't believe it when I first laid eyes on my forever family.

– An adopted child

What we do

  • Making Connections

    Improving quality of life

  • Health and Medical care

    Care for the poor and young

  • Shelter and clothing

    Meeting the most basic of needs

  • Self Sufficiency

    Life skills and farming

Christmas Wish