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AGE: 9


Zhenia, DOB: Feb. 9, 2012.  Studies in 3rd grade.  Zhenia said her favorite subjects are ALL.  But she is better with humanities and needed more time to understand math.  Likes handicrafts and technologies.  Likes English studies it with pleasure, loves the English teacher.  After school Zhenia loves to play with toys and games.  Loves interactive games.  Zhenia attends a musical school 2 or 3 times a week playing the accordion.  Also loves to play with friends outside, doing sports and gymnastics, rides a bike, and roller skates. Loves animals and dreams to become a vet.  Would pet any cat or dog she meets outside. Dreams to own a parrot. Loves to eat potatoes, noodles/pasta, soups, pancakes.  Does not care much for meat and fish, but likes meatballs.  A very friendly girl has many girlfriends both in school and near the house. Lives in a city.  Loves table games, checkers, and cards. He grandparent is her guardian.