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Vlada B


GALLERY: Gallery F (Children with guardians)

AGE: 9


Vlada, DOB: Aug. 11, 2011. Studies in 4th grade. Favorite subjects are English, labor/handicrafts studies, singing/music. After school, Vlada likes to play with friends, do her homework, and practice gymnastics with a professional trainer, which she has been doing for almost a year.  She attends this with her girlfriends. Sometimes she takes additional English lessons, up to twice a week after school. She loves to spend time outside, jumping, running, hide and seek, catch me games, etc. She loves to play with her phone, and she can do great videos. Vlada has many friends, could not single out a favorite one.  She loves animals, has a cat in the house, and Vlada dreams of getting a dog. Vlada is very communicative, friendly, sincere.  No problems with behavior ever. Great helper to peers and adults. Vlada’s Godmother is her guardian.