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Vlad B


GALLERY: Gallery F (Children with guardians)

AGE: 10


Vlad, DOB: Sept. 10, 2010.   Studies in 5th grade.  Favorite subjects are math and literature. Studies at an outstanding level!  He says math is more interesting and challenging at the same time.  After school, he likes to work on a computer and play computer games thru the internet with other peers, pretty complicated ones.  He loves to ride a bike.  He does school homework independently, and nobody has to push or even remind him.  He has many friends but singled out one friend during the interview; this friend he has known for 4 years has always been his best friend.  Loves animals, his guardians own 1 dog and 1 cat, Vlad likes to take care of them.  Dreams to become a computer genius, at a minimum – top IT spec in the country and dreams to have the best computer technology.  He is saving money to buy great quality headphones.  Calm boy, no problems with behavior, obedient, under control, when needed, can also get very goofy, start dancing, etc. No complications, though.  Does not like to go to bed in the evening is the only negative comment the guardian could think of.  His aunt is the guardian.