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Vlad and Timur


GALLERY: Gallery F (Children with guardians)

AGE: 12 and 10


Vlad studies in 6th grade. His favorite subjects are geography and English. Vlad also plays piano, but he started later then Timur and only started second year in music school because the guardian who the boys now live with only got Vlad a year ago. He also plays piano every day. Also Vlad loves sports, especially soccer. He dreams to become a professional soccer player. He always asks his guardian: Grandma, what can I help you with?. Very helpful around the house, orchard and garden his guardian has to manage. Never problems with behavior. Easily finds contact / relationship with adults and peers, but he expects that his point of view and position is heard and acknowledged. Vlad loves to hug those who are near and dear to him.


Timur, Vlad’s brother, studies in 3rd grade. He has a repaired cleft palate. His favorite subjects are reading and Ukrainian literature and English. He loves to learn and recite poems. He participated in reciting competition in his district several times. However, Timur’s passion is music! Timur plays piano every day at home and attends music school twice a week. He plays piano exceptionally well for his age. He started studying music in Sept. 2017, even BEFORE he went to regular elementary school and by now graduated from 4th grade in music school. He loves performing piano – he is always chosen to play first at musical contests. He has great achievements for his age, participated even in national piano competitions. He has 13 honor letters for taking first places in various music contents. Also, Timur has philosophical nature. His guardian says his philosophy is way above his age. He questions the creation of sun and moon, curious about space, everything around us and comes up with ideas how and why everything was created. Timur has many friends. He is very communicative, easily enters into relationships with peers and adults. Timur loves to give away presents, likes to be a Santa during Christmas – carrying his little electric piano and giving away sweets to his friends. They are under the guardianship of their grandmother.