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Alina, Viktor and Katya


GALLERY: Gallery B

AGE: 11, 13 and 15


Alina, 15, is caring and gets along well with everybody. She likes studying at school; her best subjects are computer science and PE. She loves to play volleyball. Her favorite food is pizza with mushrooms. She is a polite, quiet girl. She is always ready to help. All the children love her; she likes taking care of younger kids. Her favorite animals are dogs. She wants to eat pizza and different fruits. She loves dancing. 15 15

Viktor 11 is good at singing and dancing. When he is sad, he can entertain himself by dancing in his room. He is good at computer science. Victor is a hardworking and shy boy. He is accommodating and really likes his sisters. He wants all food but loves pizza and would eat it every day if he could! He likes animals, and his favorite ones are lions. Victor is into soccer, and he likes making handicrafts.

Katya, 13, is an intelligent and hardworking girl. She likes all her subjects, but her favorite subjects are PE and art, she doesn’t like math. She is active and social. Her favorite season is fall. She’s good at dancing, singing, drawing, and painting. She’s also into volleyball. She speaks Ukrainian and Russian. When Katya has some free time, she likes to draw, do puzzles, and play volleyball. She loves pizza with sausages and French fries. Katya is a very cheerful girl. She is a great helper in the orphanage. She loves hamsters. Her favorite food is pizza.

They are registered. They have an older brother who will age out next year.