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GALLERY: Gallery C

AGE: 10


My name is Viktor. I’m 10 years old and studying in 4th grade. I want to learn to play soccer. I like to eat fruits and barbecue. I also like to cook and help others, like the teachers and caretakers. I can be shy when I’m around new people, but I have some close friends and an older sister. I want to learn English so I can start to read it!

“Viktor is an amazing boy. He was shy at first, but he is smart, sweet, really brave, and mischievously funny. He loves adventures, big and small. Viktor is a terrific helper around the house, was great with our pets, and picked up on English fairly quickly. He is a good swimmer and an athlete. He eats almost anything and immediately slept through the night. He got along well with all ages and didn’t have any behavior problems. I can’t say enough about what a great boy Viktor is…just pure joy.”

He has an older sister. Please contact us for more info about her.