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AGE: 10


Uliana is in 4th grade. Here favorite subjects are math, Ukrainian literature, language, English. Very recommended by her school teachers as an exceptionally talented child. After school Uliana goes to a dance studio, she likes hip-hop and other modern dances. She goes to this class twice each week. Uliana loves animals – her guardian has a dog and Uliana always helps to take care of her and take her out for walks, play with her. Uliana loves to play chess and checkers with her older brother and other kids who can play these games. Uliana is now training every day how to play these games better. She also loves to ride a bike. Uliana loves to go to the forest and pick up mushrooms and go fishing. Great fisher! So has multiple interests, very smart! Active girl, loves to share her knowledge with others. Kids and respectful. Very obedient, attentive to advice from adults. Uliana has a brother Maxim who is 16 years old.