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Tanya, Valya, Alya, Yevhenii, Vita and Stas


GALLERY: Gallery A

AGE: 13, 12, 10 and 8


Meet this group of 6 siblings! The youngest is too young to travel.

Vita is in the 4th Grade. She enjoys drawing, coloring, embroidery. She loves you playing games. She is fond of dancing! She likes cats and dogs. She lives and studies at the same orphanage with the other 4 siblings, and has never been hosted before.

Yevhenii is in the 7th Grade. He likes reading, cross-stitching, and embroidery. He adores sports, especially playing volleyball, tennis, and football. He loves listening to music. He has never been hosted before. Has got 4 younger sisters, at the same orphanage and they live and study together.

Alya, she’s in the second grade. She is the youngest among all 5 siblings. She’s a very artistic girl. She loves to sing and draw a lot. She enjoys embroidering. She is an active girl. She respects her older sisters and brother. She has some speech issues. She likes animals.

Valya is a very creative girl. She loves to sing! She likes embroidery, cross-stitching especially. She’s an artistic girl. Likes to read, very sociable. She’s also never been hosted before.

Tanya is in the 8th Grade. She loves drawing. She likes active games. She can play table tennis. She likes cross stitching and beads embroidery. She’s very tidy and careful. She’s the oldest among all 5 siblings and she loves her sisters and brother. She’s never been hosted before. She likes to ride a bike and rollerskate. She would like to learn how to swim. Together with the other 4 siblings she lives and studies at the same orphanage.