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AGE: 9


Stas Sept. 9, 2012, studies in 2nd grade. His favorite subjects are drawing, reading, and math. He is a very punctual and responsible boy: for example, coming after school, he washes his hands without any warnings or help, changes clothes, and starts doing his school homework independently. Does it with pleasure. ONLY after he is done with ALL school homework, he allows himself to start to play, usually with his friends outside. In summer, it’s usually ball games, mostly soccer, and in winter – sleds, skis (there is a great natural hill near the grandma’s house), and snowballs. Stas loves to ride a bike and is learning to roller skate (unfortunately, there are no roads in their village). After outdoor games, Stas likes to play some computer games or phone games and do puzzles. Then he reads after-school reading, which is part of school work given to kids with a preference to read at night – he goes to a great school with a great teacher. Despite being slim – Stas has a great appetite: likes all-natural foods, potatoes, salads (which most kids do not eat here), pasta, meats and sausages, meatballs, porridges. He does not care much for fish but Likes sweets of all types. Generally, very active boy, curious, wants to know everything, comes with million questions. Great companion, very friendly. He does not demand new toys, very understanding that his grandma does not have much money to buy him expensive things and toys. NEVER aggressive towards other kids. For example: When he can’t win a computer game, he would frown and say, «what is going on here?? Why can’t I win this one? This cannot be true! But in a hilarious and non-aggressive way. Stas likes animals, esp. Cats. Likes drawing but not for more than 1 hour. More outside person. No food allergies. Fully healthy. Grandmother has guardianship of him.