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Sofia K (I have a 500 sponsorship)


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AGE: 11


Sofia, DOB: Dec. 28, 2009. Studies in 5th grade. Favorite subjects are PT, English, Ukrainian and foreign literature. Very active girl! After school, Sofia attends a music school, 3 times a week (Saturday – 3 hours straight) – piano class, graduated from 4th grade – see video how well she plays! One of Saturday’s classes is choir – Sofia has perfect hearing and sings very well.  Once a week Sofia goes to a computer programming class, for 7 months already – she loves it too!  Much of the class is based on figuring out how cartoons are programmed and drawn per individual program of her teacher. Sofia is very communicative and friendly! Even though Sofia is so busy with all activities, she finds time to spend with her friends to go roller skating, go on scooters, skateboarding.  No problems with behavior ever.  Sofia wears correction glasses which she should take off from September 2021.   Sofia has one great neighborhood friend and a favorite friend at school.  Sofia has a great relationship with the parents of both girls, who take her along on short trips. Sofia is under the guardianship of her grandmother.  Sofia has an older brother who is 14 now under the same guardian.