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Sergei P.


GALLERY: Gallery A

AGE: 10


Sergei 10 studies in 4th grade. His favorite subjects are PT, math, and the Ukrainian language. He very recently got to the orphanage. Loves all subjects in school. Very open boy easily enters into relationships with both peers and adults. Serhii loves to play soccer and other outdoor games like they play hide and seek outside, and given the orphanage has a large outdoor space this game really works well. Serhii likes to build little houses on trees with whatever materials they can find. The BayBlade game became popular in Ukraine and he plays that too. Serhii also likes to watch cartoons. Serhii is well developed, smart, has strong logic. He also tries to stay away from any conflict situations or quarrels.
Serhii has a little sister born in 2017 who is in a different orphanage. Serhii loves her as he was like a guardian for her when the bio mother was not performing her duties. Serhii tells stories of how he played with his sister, fed her, cared for her. Serhii is a healthy boy and so is his sister. Serhii is a great eater except for soups. Loves pizza and french fries. Serhii is very recommended by the orphanage staff. He is always a pleasure to talk to.