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Sasha and Yarik


GALLERY: Gallery F (Children with guardians)

AGE: 14 and 11


Yarik studies in 4th grade. Yarik moved from a war area, part of re-settled population. His favorite subjects are math and nature / geo studies. After school Yarik loves to put together very complicated Lego puzzles with little motors / engines, mechanisms – a true Lego professional by now! Yarik has a large collection of copies of race car models of various types – 39 pieces now in collection. Yarik is very kind boy, everybody loves him in school and neighborhood. He is very creative, all the time he is in search of what to build / create / put together from pieces. Recently he created a safe, a bank machine / ATM, a little printing machine, a ship, etc. Yarik likes to swim, wants to go to a sea shore. He helps much around the house, goes with his grandpa fishing, has his own fishing rod and other accessories. Yarik also helps with fixing his grandpa’s old truck.

Sasha studies in 7th grade, and is a great girl and sister. She cannot travel this summer as she will turn 14 and the Embassy will not issue her a visa, but she can travel in winter. Sasha likes to sing and dance, takes part in school and village competitions, has many diplomas and gratitude letters from those. Studies at excellent level. Purposeful, usually reaches her goals. Organized and persistent. Communicative and friendly. Has many friends. Sasha can draw very well; she creates her own hair styles and could already be an assistant at a hair dresser’s / barter’s shop.