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AGE: 10


Ruslana, DOB: March 6, 2011, studies in 4th grade. Favorite subjects are math and reading. After school, she rests, has lunch, does her school homework, and goes out to play. Does lots of handcrafts, especially from beads.  Favorite games are hide and seek and ball games. Loves her phone games as well.  She loves to ride a bike and roller skate.  Ruslana’s guardian has a bio son who is 4 y.o. Karina eagerly helps to take care of him.  While Ruslana just turned 10, she is actively helping around the house where an older woman needs help.  Ruslana knows which pill to give this great-grandma on which day at which hour and would not make a mistake.  The guardian can rely on Ruslana for such help.  Ruslana can cook dishes such as soup, fry potatoes, make an omelet, etc.  Eagerly would run errands upon guardian’s request. Not a lazy girl at all!  She has one best friend who is her neighbor and can also be friends with boys and play soccer with them.  She does not care much for oranges and tangerines, other than that she would eat anything. Ruslana is under the guardianship of her older brother, 27 y.o. When the brother is away, Ruslana stays with her grandmother.