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Ruslana and David


GALLERY: Gallery F (Children with guardians)

AGE: 12 and 9



Ruslana’s hobby is solo singing and she dreams to become a professional singer, if only she can get proper music education. Unfortunately it is not possible in the orphanage, thus it remains only as a dream. She loves PE and Ukrainian language / literature subjects at school. She has many friends in the orphanage, classmates mostly but is also friendly with younger and older kids. She goes go school and studies at a medium level, but teachers say she can study better if only she would receive more motivation in life. She’s very sociable. Ruslana has a brother:

David loves soccer and plays it virtually every day with his friends on the orphanage grounds! Takes part in orphanage sports competitions. Very happy boy! His favorite food is pizza. His favorite subjects in school are Ukrainian language / literature and PE. Teachers and caregivers praise David for trying hard to study better and behave better and believe he is improving all the time. He would do so well in a family! Both David and Ruslana live in the orphanage, but on some holidays grandma takes them to her house.