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Misha and Sasha


GALLERY: Gallery F (Children with guardians)

AGE: 8



Misha, studies in 2nd grade. Her favorite subjects are math and PT, but likes all school subjects and goes to school with pleasure. After school Misha attends a karate studio 3 times a week and has been doing it for 2.5 years! Very successful in this sport – Misha has attended numerous competitions and always takes 1st or 2nd place. Loves it, always waits for the next training session. Also likes to play soccer with boys outside. Along with his sister Misha goes to a musical school, and studies accordion. Misha is a very active boy, he does not like to sit and do nothing, is very positive and always in good mood. He can be shy with a new adult but then always establishes positive contact. Misha has a TWIN sister:

Sasha, also studies in 2nd grade with her twin brother. Favorite subjects are Ukrainian literature and English. After school Sasha attends a dance studio, been doing it for 3 years, since she was 5 y.o.! Attends with pleasure! Loves her dance teacher. Majority are modern dances with elements of gymnastics. She participates in performances on local and regional levels. Sasha also attends a music school and studies piano. Sasha is very calm, loves animals, and sometimes can get shy. Tender and sweet! Both kids study very well at school and are recommended / praised by their teachers. Both kids are obedient and are well under control.