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Maryann HIV


GALLERY: Gallery A

AGE: 15


Maryann (15) is happiest when she gets to spend time outdoors. She enjoys sports, especially soccer and volleyball as she gets to run around and play. She has a lot of potential to become an excellent soccer and volleyball player. Maryann doesn’t like to be still for long periods of time, she doesn’t like TV but wants to do active things. She is catholic and feels Mass is very important.

Maryann is calm and responsible. She doesn’t need to be reminded of her duties and homework, she does them on their own. She likes to take care of her things and keeps them organized. Maryann wants to learn English and visit France someday. She wants to become a doctor when she grows up.

Maryann dreams of having a forever family with a mother and a father. She would like to have a pet dog she can pamper and take care of.