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Maksym and Ilya


GALLERY: Gallery F (Children with guardians)

AGE: 12 and 8



Maksym studies in 3rd grade. Favorite subjects are all, but Maksym singled out “social education” lessons in elementary school. Loves to play role games endlessly: shop assistant, restaurant waiter, but also when others serve/help him. He loves to play soccer outside, goes to big tennis classes and loves tennis the most among outdoor games. Loves hand crafts games, esp. with soft clay, loves to change clothes to become some cartoon heroes, has special costumes to do it. Very communicative. Once he saw many balloons in a store. Without telling the guardian he came up to a shop assistant in that store and asked to take down some balloons for himself and his brother – example how he can be very proactive and take control of the situation without fears and hesitation. Leadership potential. Maksym has a brother:

Ilya studies in 6th grade. Favorite subject is PT. Ilya loves to read books VERY much, reads one book after another. Also likes soccer and tennis, practices both sports in clubs with trainers and does it with pleasure. He loves hand crafts activities and can do a great job. Eagerly starts to fix something that has broken. Loves Lego construction, great with it. Loves computer games, but his guardian limits the time he can spend doing that. Loves roller skating – did not even need much training to roller skate pretty well. Very sportive generally. Both kids are under guardianship of a foster family.