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Kolya 9 and Angelina 12


GALLERY: Gallery A

AGE: 9


Kolya is a very joyful, friendly, active boy. He likes to play with toys and has his best best friend also living in the orphanage. They both play and have fun. He likes animals, swimming, loves sports, likes to ride a bike.

Angelina is kind, responsive, well-balanced, independent, modest, a great friend, polite. He teacher says she is always positive attitude, one can hardly see a gloomy face on her…radiant! She is a very calm and well-balanced child! Very praised by teachers. Reliable, great helper. Studies at 7th grade, at a good level, curious, smart. Goes to dancing classes and a theater club with great pleasure. Takes part in school theater and other events and competitions organized at the orphanage. She goes to a handcrafts club at the orphanage – majoring in modeling clay. She went to Italy once and liked it there. Easily finds a contact/relationship with new kids when they get to her class or club. She does not change friends. For FOUR years she has had only two best friends!! This is very rare for an orphanage setting. Helps her grandma in bringing up Kolya.