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Karina K


GALLERY: Gallery F (Children with guardians)

AGE: 10


Karina, DOB: Aug. 6, 2010, studies in 4th grade. Favorite subjects are PT, music lessons, drawing.  Very communicative has many friends, easily enters into contact/relationship with peers and kids of older/younger age. Karina is a great helper around the house and yard. She loves to play with her smartphone.  Karina goes to an extended school program/day; thus, she does her homework and plays on the school grounds until about 6 PM.  Then she comes home for dinner and hangs out with friends. Loves sports, gymnastics especially. Karina dreams of attending a musical school, but the only specialist in the school is for the accordion. It’s a heavy instrument, and she is not comfortable carrying it.  She would love to study piano, but her guardian cannot afford to buy it.  Karina also wants to attend a dance studio.  Karina has a medical condition: Pancreatitis deficiency, which means she has to take medicine to help her digest food. She has a normal lifestyle, though, and can eat almost anything.  She needs further diagnostics by western standards as Ukrainian rural medicine may not have given her the right diagnosis. Karina is Under the guardianship of her aunt.