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Julian Martinez


GALLERY: Gallery B

AGE: 9


Julian came to Casa de los Sueños malnourished and with no schooling. He was an extremely quiet boy of 7, self-reliant by necessity, and closed off due to early childhood emotional trauma. Since he started studying at Casa de los Sueños, he has learned to read syllables and is on track to learn how to read fluently. He has also started to come out of his shell. Julian was taken away from his mother due to neglect two years ago and now lives with his grandmother and seven other people in a three room dirt-floor home. He does not have a lot of support at home. However, with program support, food aid and monitoring, we believe that Julian can really succeed. Julian’s favorite thing to eat is oranges and he likes to play soccer and ride bikes for fun. He dreams of one day owning a machine that will wash his clothes for him.