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AGE: 14


Joanne is a very sensitive girl. She is very sociable, gets along well with her peers, and has a lot of friends. She is respectful, obedient, and adapts well to changes. She likes to go for walks, swim in the river and loves the beach. Her favorite foods are ice cream, pizza, and alphabet soup. She loves animals, especially dogs. She loves to be well-dressed, feel clean, and loves when people do her hair. Joanne likes to help around the house, loves to get new clothes, and likes to draw and design clothes for her dolls. She actually shows a skill for clothes design. She also likes to do crossword puzzles and Word search. When asked about having a family, Joanne said, “I want to have parents who will take care of me, who will love me, but especially I want to have fun parents; I want my own family.”  When she grows up, she wants to become a social worker or a psychologist, possibly even go to a military school.