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Jean Carlos & Raquel


GALLERY: Gallery A

AGE: 13 & 10


Are siblings, they do have a good relationship. They only live with their mother, the grandma, and their aunt who is the only one who supports them.
Juan Carlos is a very respectful, lovely, and serious boy who enjoys talking with adults about the history and the adults’ experiences when they were his age. His favorite color is black and his favorite food is pizza, rice, and beans. He is in the eighth grade of secondary school and his favorite subject is history. In his free time, he likes to play video games and read books about history. When he grows up, he would like to be a mechanic.
Raquel is in 5th grade. She loves math, and her favorite color is dark blue. She would like to be a musician and make a living of it. She loves drawing, playing the guitar, watching videos of how to play the guitar, playing soccer, and running a lot. She is super serious, lovely. Sometimes, she loves to stay quiet and just keep in peace.