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AGE: 11


Ivanna, DOB: Oct. 9, 2009, studies in 5th grade.  Favorite subjects PT, arts, Ukrainian literature, nature studies, labor and handcrafts studies, music.  After school attended a music/vocals club where she was mainly learning how to swim.  Ivanna is a bit shy when she enters a new group of people, but with time she blossoms up and becomes very active.  Due to Covid other opportunities outside of school were closed in her district for most months in the last year, but Ivanna always wanted to get out.  Loves animals, had hamsters and a cat, now she has a dog.  When visiting grandparents Ivanna spends the most time on the farm with all animals there.  Has been active in social media in the last year.  Great eater now and has gotten to like more sweet foods.  Very obedient and great girl.  Spends much time outside with her peers, roller skates rides a bike.  Generous person.  Can be calm at home and focused but once gets outside becomes active and loud. No problems with behavior. The official guardian is grandfather and uncle.