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Ivanka U


GALLERY: Gallery F (Children with guardians)

AGE: 10


Ivanka, DOB: Feb. 22, 2010. Studies in 5th grade. Favorite subjects are math and Ukrainian and foreign literature.  Ivanka loves poems, learns them easily, and recites them really well.  Drawing and poetry are her favorite subject at school and hobbies after school. Rides on skateboard and roller skates and a bike. She goes to a handcrafts class has many things she has done with her hands. Ivanka participates in all concerts organized at the village club where she sings, dances, recites poems, participates in group activities during all holidays. Very active girl! Very friendly has many friends of her age, and a bit older and younger visits them frequently in their homes. Very kind girl.  Loves animals, especially cats, helps to take care of them.  Once, she found a homeless cat in another village and tried to bring this cat home.  The public van driver did not allow her to carry this cat, so Ivanka waited for another public bus and hid the cat under her coat so that she could bring him home and feed him. Great helper to her elderly guardian. Very curious asks a million questions. Joyful would tell a joke easily. Ivanka lives alone with her grandmother, helping her with everything, many domestic animals, even a cow she helps with. She is under the guardianship of her grandmother.