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Dima and Natasha


GALLERY: Gallery A

AGE: 11 and 13


Dima DOB: Oct. 8, 2009. Dima studies in 6th grade. Favorite subjects are Information Technologies (IT) studies, physical training (PT). After school Dima likes to practice his IT knowledge with IT teachers of the orphanage. As examples of their IT studies, they learn how to prepare presentations about COVID, which are then shown to other kids in the orphanage and outside, learn a computer program that programs an IT cat to interact with other animals and people – pretty cool! Dima loves sports. His favorite kind is soccer – he loves to both play it and watch it, now he is trying to monitor what is happening with Euro 2021 soccer tournament. Dima takes part in district-level soccer championships. Also, Dima likes to watch TV programs, movies. Dima loves animals – now he is taking the lead among other kids in caring for a homeless cat who now lives in the orphanage. He collects food at the orphanage canteen, and they feed this cat with other kids outside. Also, Dima likes to go fishing with friends. Dima has many friends, but he singled out 2 as his best friends. Very recommended by orphanage staff and director for good behavior. Dima is trying to learn beatbox. Dima is a great eater but does not care much for boiled fish sometimes served in the orphanage. If Dima won the lottery, he would buy himself a great car. His favorite one is a BMW, and then he would put it into a garage where it would wait for him to turn 18.
Natasha May 1, 2007, She is a great girl, kind and caring, loves sports, spending time outside with her friends, taking care of Dima, caring for animals, and improving her studies. They have a 16-year-old brother graduating from the orphanage this year.